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Aug 3, ~ They OWN You And Everything You Think You Own lol

Once upon a time humans actually believed they owned things lol then the great period of the Mass of Extinction Arrived and Humanity Very Fast Realized that THEY owned ZERO and it was not so damn funny anymore as it was like being locked in a Prison Cell as what do You Think You Own?

You Car? ( after 60 payments )

Your Home ( after 30 plus years '' maybe '' )

Yourself lol nope as they got you from Cradle to Grave ( remember all them Taxes )

Humanity Actually Owns ZERO ( The Global Elite ) owns everything including your lungs as I was to find out between March 28, 2012 to April 3, 2012 as I had a sharp pain in my left shoulder area and I was to wake up in a Hospital cut open with a fucken excuse why I hurt so damn bad, and a Orderly standing over me with a small piece of paper with a Billionaire's Personal Phone Number on a small piece of paper for me to call

I was to receive a Maid Service ever second week and two meals a day in his retirement home ( which was in the apartment complex I was living in ) this was the beginning of the end of my damn real life as I became his toy / pet / and he would help me and a friend would say " he ( my friend the Billionaire was going to his and his wives cocktail parties and talking about this HUMAN / Sub- Human he just took ownership of along with a human lung ( fresh ) from my body

This is the weird as it occurred from 1999 to 2013 when he cancelled me and stored my physical property for 27 months as I was run through experiment after experiment and test after test by people employed by the system ( Government ) that he paid for with his taxes and when you invest in a system they generally do things that you ask for

Tonight I understand the Game this Experiment is about to end as either by my hand or the hands of the people he has people employed by and tonight with the physical pain I have been for over 48 hours constantly

I no longer care as all I want now is for the pain to end as it is level 9 on the scale of

1-10 and I no longer can handle this as IT IS FUCKEN BRUTAL and I no longer can handle this

I just can no longer do it as this has been a very, very long time --- as this is reality and I am here

I came here and from a place --- and I know what was going down -- and I no longer and this is soon to --it and I LOVE ---YOU ALL ---

Ands I have been so very blessed to have been raised in St Albert ( and I want my HOUSE BACK as I see it as stolen by my mothers Boyfriend who damn near KILLED me to get the money from it

I was two Rolls Royce's and a extra Garage tacked on to the house as Bobby needs a car and I needs a car

I will use 2 of the extra rooms to help the homeless as I will attempt to give them the same opportunity I was given by my Mom & Dad

I also want three - five more home s on Gresham BLVD in the area on the corner so I can keep the kids and young adults in one place as I am going to build a Country and save your crazy worked and I need a few MILLION DOLLARS to jump start the DAO I am building and I want AK out of my life and my little sister as she and he already slandered the dream and it is a damn dream but without a dream

SpaceX , Disney, CNN, Amazon would not exist ( I need a few thousand a month budget for books ) for the kids living in the homes I WILL PROVIDE for them and I want TAXES on my homes to be dropped to near ZERO

Don't Like it I will see you in Heaven ( If You Get There ) as I am GOING


I am in PAIN RIGHT NOW and I do NOT know if YOU have ever experienced lev el 9 pain but it is fucken horrible and I am sorry for my language as I HURT BAD and it has been brought on m by the GAMES YOU PLAYEED with me

And I want a Dominatrix Dr A Patel ( Private ) as then let her short me minutes as maybe the damn Government won't could but I sure as shit will

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