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Aug 3~ Pick On The Weak Even If You Think They Are Great As This One The Mad Hatter Experience

Has actually made you happier ever time that you see him over the last FIVE Years and YOU took all my resources away as he doesn't all of a sudden need our help as he is a


As somehow, someway he has cure a 40 year Mental Illness all in ONE YEAR with maybe 8 sessions with a Doctor and a Few Sessions with people that set out to punishand hurt me as much as they could


Yah when won't help me with PTSD as I can deal with BEING RAPED BY A CATHOLIC PRIEST -- Then You bring in your head of this Catholic Religion that commited Genocide on the Indigonious people but the Pope could not even remember Genicide ( the word until he was MILES IN THE SKY in His Pope Plane ( this guy sounds luike a kind of well to do Bat Man as he even had all the Novelties Pallets and Pallets hanging out by Gate 7 at The Commenwalth Stadium where he was

PLAYING one day last month to attempt to resovle the Church and himself of any wrong doing and this show cost what $ 35,000,000 and really what did we all get for $ 35 MILLION DOLLARS

Yup this is what we ended up with more POPE POOP but at least they cleaned it up wrapped it up ---- wish the Priest that RAPED ME would of whiped it out wraped it it out gotta have it saren wrap

And this is some of their plastic crosses the faithful were allows ( allowd ) to purchace ) andhave a memory of some words of the leader of the GREATEST CHURCH that supposedly ever existed and you know it still hurts as it KILLED MY DAD from Stress as that ws not something my dac would of talked about to well ANYONE as how do you tell your peeps that the Golden Son Was RAPED by a Catholic Priest from the Church he made he Son Specilly Dress Up Ever Weekend on Sunday to have tthis occur as I see him taking this stress inside to the point it killed him ( I Killed Him ) all becasue a Catholic Priest RAPED Me and I was not Capable to stop this

The end of my entire family would come soon and I had Blamed me until a few peopel I now somewhat trust told me that it wasn't my fault it still hurts me and hurts very very hard some times and then this CHURCH VIA THE GOVERNMENT began to work of totally destroying my mind and life in 1983 as I spoke up that the WCB was using broken medical equipment to treat workers in Alberta / Yukon / and NWT and I saw it as a wrong and I have been punished ever since

YOUR systems are still screwed up and maybe we get what we create as the world is ENDXING AND UNLESS we all work as ONE we all are doomed and dead and I need only

8 BILLION HUMANS to join my Country

YOU think I now may have lost it all but a Blockchain along with the DAO I am going to get set up as we build this country as with GOD all things are doable and my GOD and His Son sent me here to


I am going to do this as GOD wills it to be done for the HUMAN RACE and I was on a mission to serve humanity and then we moved into 2022 and I was wondeering if my missions where going to increase as GOD Loves to work the crap out of his messengers as I have been allowed to observe and be a part of

Lord and Jesus this is Hardcore as I have been in this exact place all day doing deals and getting bills done

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