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August 1` I was just sitting and thinking about how this planet and its people have treated me in 61


Canada your medical, church, along with the Provincial programs have taken so much from me in the short ( people say this I believe to attempt to make me feel good about how you all treated me )

Started with a RAPE in Grade 5, Mom goes to jail for grabbing $ 30 of for her hungry family Mom has MS and can't understand much at this stage " judge says $ 30 or 30 days " she had no cash with her, Dad dies a few months later,

A few months later a BOYFRIEND ( a USER ) shows up on the doorstep as Mom's Boyfriend and Mom is even more sick now but it was her life, but then the beatings of my little sister and me begins ( this animal is 6" 3' and about 250 # ) what could I do but something LETHAL and fuck shit up even more likely

Summer of 1975 I have started drinking right after dad passed away as I needed to stop the pain I was experiencing and no one around me was helping because there was no one around us / me at this point as people stepped in after dad passed took what they wanted and just vanished with all the assets

This Summer I am working for Pro Western Plastic's and I discover weed and it helps even better with the pain from the loss of my dad, and this brings so very much anger from a few uncles and aunts that were still around -- there was shit for pain that I could get other than the beer and weeds

You people stepped in and then your Government Agency Man stepped in and took my kid sister away

everything was now gone but the house and the Caddilac that was supposed to become mine at 18 this would never occur as the boyfriend took in for minor work a paint job and then sold it to friend of his and tejn borrowed $ 1000 from the $ 2500 car that she just spent on it

I have no one and the beatings are now getting fucken serious I leave to BC and get sent home as me and a deliquint cousin broke into a school and were captured and I left as this was shit as I only went into the damn school as I had no idea as to where the hell I was at all and I knew if I got left behind I would likely get caught anyways

Back home and many more beatings would take place and I am now dealing weeds as I am always high and I was still helping mom out as much as possible and the beatings are like crazy I would need to build barricades behind my bedroom doors to attempt to have a night sleep and not get beat on while I was sleep[ping

One morning wham the bedroom door, the door frame the table that I stacked behind the door are flying everywhere in my room and I am out a OPEN window that I set up Just In Case I was 16 maybe 17 school had just ended for me as I was unable to keep up with my studies, and my home room teacher and also the Brother of the Wife of my Godfather Georges Facciotti ------ Lori Garrity and Mr John Kaminski called me into the principals office ( Mr Kaminski ) and we had the best and last talk I would ever have in school as the school all knew I was slaughtered nightly as you can only hide the cuts and bruises and hell could that animal fight as it was not it seems about me even it was about the Family House I was raised in

He just wanted all the money he could get from the house and he never gave a damn about my Dear Mom who in September 1978 was barely hanging on as I was now doing most of the bills as I would go in to the plastic factory for a shift here and there as they were aware also ( seemed the town knew ) and I was dealing and the RCMP knew I was being watched more than a B&W TV back then

I came home in a car ( someone's ) on September 26, 1978 and stuck the key in the door and it opened but the LSD I dropped a while ago was telling me shit that never made any sense as I saw the wrong furniture and then running around the corners from what seemed everywhere came humans that I had never seen either

They got me a drink ( pop ) and started to tell me how fucked up I now was as all my things that my relatives and BF decided I should have were stacked in a garage next door, and I was going to be crashing in a tent trailer at the next house over from that one

This is going to be a mess as I mentioned the people with the Trailer have it on the driveway overlooking my home -- so I was supposed to attempt to sleep in a trailer over looking all the dreams my mom & dad had for the kids and themselves ( I am now 17 I think ) hey this little story is going to gte seriously worse in a few sentences

Remember what I was doing for income ( ya there was three sets of kids two were in Uni and 2 in Junior / High School and the last two well they were very young ) and I am I swear having a hopelssly miseralbe time in that trailer over lookijng my Family Home thinking about the dreams mom and dad had for me and my sister and them

But at this point in my little world I had zero idea as to where either my Mom was and I had no way to track her down as I didn't have access to a home phone as I was allowed only into the house to washroom, and to have their one major meal and it was massive and I most nights got a plate to take out to the tent trailer

Can't find my Little Sister and no one is talking not even for free weeds no one would tell me shit like I was the one tthat hit my kid sister

And then it happened one fall night when getting high to put myself to sleep I got caught getting high and I don't know when that day was at all but it was my last night in the Tent Trailer and Last Night In St Albert as I was driven down St Albert Trail to the NORTHGATE MOTEL where I would end up getting damn well set up over a single joint as a buddy pops by with two great joints and we do one and then he suggests ( to get me out of the place so the RCMP would have a easy night looking for a fucken joint he left on my kitchen table and guess what that was exactly where they found it and I doubt that they looked anywhere else as there was way more ( remember I was dealing ) ( key word is WAS dealing ) as I had sold some hashish earlier that night and that was my last drug sale still to this day in fact the

Search Warrant is still upon my living room wall dated

October 13, 1978

And they gave me just 2 weeks to get out of St Albert and that was the last time I actually even thought about all the dreams etc

Until just right now

But I moved into this place as I was unable to fund it so I had to get some cash from on of the family sources

So I scored a nice little place cheaper than the motel but someone seemingly just didn't want me in that damn house as my first weekend I get a 2am knock on the door and it a girl I met back at the motel and a pinball place --- I open it a little then bang the door bounces off my head and I go backwards --- so

Welcome to a Home Invasion, and there are 4 of them vs me and this was likely going to get kind of ugly and I took a decent beating for a few hours as I was high and it took some of the pain away yah but they were high to and feeling stronger ever blow after bl

By the next weekend I had another place as I went micro as I stopped the job at Lumber Yard and became a Usher pay drop was big but so was the bite on the rent as I was just $ 77 a month and pay as Usher was $ 75

I don't remember but I would, take odd jobs around my area and I think one was " Lawn-Boy" for the upcoming winter, would soon spring be here

You know I m looking back at this page and my beginning wasn't all as I never went hungry and so many do I always pretty had weeds and a roof might have covered my head a few days I was one

People would buy my stuff at the Flea Markets ( this was a new source)

It is 6am

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