August 4, 2021 ~ Going To Fool You All As I Get Set To Create ( Mad Hatter'Z Vending LLC ) `

This is the day I have finally decided to take a step off the edge of a cliff and walk on water as I think I have figured a way out to fund my

AFTER AGE CARE PROGRAM --- ( AACP ) as I am not so ( INSANE ) to believe for one nano second that the Government Pensions are going to be there as they are a house of cards with a Ponzi scheme linked to it

Ponzi schemes are named after Charles Ponzi. In the 1920s, Ponzi promised investors a 50% return within a few months for what he claimed was an investment in international mail coupons. Ponzi used funds from new investors to pay fake “returns” to earlier investors.

Much like OAS ( Old Age Security )

I put an offer in today on 17 Vending machines ( candy ) at a price I know that I can make work somewhat

The Faciote Empire Cash Flow Models are on Track as I can make it all work as I have started to get my shit finally together

It was January 11, 2020 a few days before the plague of the century arrived and blindsided the most of us as I was on that day January 11, 2020 able to get involved with my first ASSET building concept a Watkins Distributorship that was just a ( seems like a LIFETIME AGO ) when in reality it was just --- 1 year 6 months and 24 days ago

I was in and then from the bowels of hell itself came COVID the damn plague and it pretty much shut everything down

In December 19, 2020 I was sentenced to a internment in a local hospital on a COVID room all alone as the tone of the world I was allowed to live in was lock me up without any reasons ( I was not sick at all ) and

And then 95 days I began the M.E. ( Monk Experiment ) that runs for another 85 days and I am then GOING to analyze the data as I have been tracking the hell out of it and start again with ME-2

Today I likely sign the papers for my first attack at a idea that I have been bouncing around for a while now $850 to $2550 / month once I get everything set and running

I saved for so long and now I risk THIS for my FUTURE

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