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Auguust 2~ Bedtime was at 5am up at 720am Normal

Today I am in another very bad bout of pain and I never slept and the Access 24 / 7 had to give me a fucekn hard time all night and I no longer have this energy to fight with people that " just want to cause me pain and suffering "

Goodbye as this world is shit and the way were heading the whole thing will be gone sooner than we imagine and there are so many people living in a dream and they won't wake up until the dream is over--- as mine now seems to be as the last two attacks were the last two I could handle -- and it was CS and AK and I have nothing at all left for anyone now

I was praying to get well for a very long time but now I only pray to die as I can no longer deal with the pain and I just want to be free of the pain as it now no longer ever occurs and I have no idea as to how to anything works anymore and I am so tired of pills and doctors and I am so just tire of everything including all the damn tears and I am sorry as this is going to hurt you to I am afraid as I never asked to be hacked to hell by a couple doctors

So I a going now as I have no point to be here anymore as a breathe hurts ( ya I have been shielding you all from it as I want to go HOME now )

Fucken Catholic Priest to RAPED ME had to start this shit and it was so fucken long time ago and I am no longer eating and ensure sucks and the water even sucks as this life is finally at the end I think sorry

By All

Lucien Jean Edgard Faciote II

Lucien The Light II

Good Bye

Aug 2, 2022

No More God Please No More

I beg you Father

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