Been Sad maybe even Depressed (yah a Depressed State)

In the last three days I have been very sad as I need the support of the community as I dropped and had break my source of "energy" when on the streets etc: my Ipod 128GB and a new model Ipod 128GB, Space Grey 7th Gen along with the Apple care and taxes is $451.48 (but the community) so far has raised $42.05 the last of my savings and we have $142.05 (I really need the machine as the spotify, / other apps helped so much on the road as I will NOT buy into getting a phone -- even though it has some merits, but I love my freedom on the road as I want to be engaged with my people on the streets

For now I have a old model that I used in 2011, that I dusted off (Boy Scout Rule)

Setting up a business as I need a source of extra income as the AISH rules allow me to make $1,072 extra a month and I now sell spices and the company I represent has been here for 151 years

I think we can do this as The Laws said SMILE -- "It can change someone"

$5 of the $42 was from a Firefighter who is an incredible believer she taught me this as she brought me closer to the Son and the Father

Were rapidly approaching my 7 years of Sobriety on the 15th of this Month

It is weird as I can get a phone ASAP but it costs more

Thank YOU for listening

And when you see me say hi and SMILE -- It does "make a difference"

Thanks again


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