Behavioral Modification (and/or) Jail --I Actually Get A Choice

Choices are always interesting as a "Schizophrenic" living on my own there are many -maybe not as many as you get, (have to do) but many none the less:

Jail is easier at this stage as after coming off that 31o sentence in hell (with the bedsore) pretty much anything is easier (anything- as level 7-9+ pain in your body that neither you nor your Team can control is actual Hell) let me assure you

I was just sent to my room, by an Police Officer young enough to be my kid, and he freaked me out

I was earlier in the day presented with DR B a (between 2-3pm) the next phase of "The Mad Hatter Experience"

Then a hour or so later a gentleman approached me to discuss the "next phase" (negotiations start next week)

So I should have been happy (right??) I was till I found out my meds were a mess for the weekend again (it is again as it was wrong last weekend also) and no one listened to me say so till Thursday (and it was well it is just Lucien and he didn't suffer much so no issue) and

again "[[THEY]]" did it this weekend (and I snapped as a direct result) and said the words "I want to KILL MYSELF" -- YOU ALL can't just keep testing me-- I am worn out after suffering as long as I "needed" to on the Bedsore Cross / Crucifixion --I don't blame you or anyone I am just exhausted

To a Health Line -- They pretty much have heard it alot since the wound broke out and they are Tired, the Police are Tired and I am damn Tired

Nerves are at the edges I need a vacation from all these "CHOICES"

That is where Behavioral Modification and Jail come in

I just became Humanized when I finally received the NEWS the wound healed on August 21, 2019 --- * 16 days * ago

Hey I shouldn't even be alive

So lock me up already -- You Are A Big Man - You Like To Torture Me and Have since The 80s

Why not more, like (a Jail sentence for Loneliness) this could look Good on ALL OF YOU

Punish The Lonely Man

Good on You

You Win -- Here On Earth Anyways

But Guess What?


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