Bonus Time / Days -- Amazing

16 days ago on August 14, 2019 I attempted to end my life as I could no longer deal effectively in any rational manner with the pain in my body from the "Sinus Tract Wounds" (3 of them known simply as 2.1cm, 2.2cm and 6.5cm)

I was living a lie as I was able and these two things (events) along with the behind the scenes moves of my teams that I likely was keeping up at nights working on plans to "SAVE THE LIGHT" (Lucien in Latin = The Light)

1) The Mad Hatter Experience (live) and

2 The Mad Hatter Experience (blog)

Tonight I cleaned my fridge --- amazing

Today I walked 5.5 miles and made a few people smile--- amazing

Today -- I have friends and I am here still -- amazing

Why is this amazing? (I could of died from neglect 16 short days ago) and the most amazing thing -- I received 6 hugs from very kind girls / ladies and was able to hug them back -- AMAZING

The Lie was that I was happy during the 10 plus months I did it for you as I saw the sadness in your eyes and I knew I needed to be a beacon of hope / LIGHT as IAM Light

We all are as YOU are my LIGHT too


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