I have been in "self-isolaton" 5 x since this hell storm has broken loose in my town, and this last "self-isolation" (which is a lie) as this was imposed by my Personal Physician who I have respect for -- I do wonder as I just came off "self isolation" yesterday December 2, 2020 and my results were "NEGATIVE"

well all the signs had passed away, and then today hit and I used my voice a little aggressively all day as I had been forced to go without my medication for seven (7) days as of today December 3, 2020 and I suffer from a "rare mental illness" called Schizophrenia which only effectes but 1% of the population (aren't you lucky) the medication was due November 26, 2020

all I wanted to do to and for the last 49 hours was to get my meds (which is not as simple as calling up a druggist (store) and having them delivered as this is my intra muscluar injection called "INVEGA SUSSTENNA" and 7 days is a percentage like 25% of the period that I am supposed to have my medicine ( and do not get me wrong as this is a medicine) and one that has some serious side effects to accompany it (like impotance) and ED all over the place and while I get it was too much supposedly to have a pair of nurses driven here with the needle to JAB me in the arm -- making me suffer was maybe not FAIR either (but what the hell I will take my shot for "fighting the EARTHS most notorious VILLIAN" that being a word that will leave on forever and hopefully launch many 1000's of young students carreers into the sciences called ''COVID 19")

IAM so tired as from all of this and now I am crazy in my head -- and i just looked back at the calender a november 26 when i was supposed to get my medicine (and this is my medicine, that has been ordered by a highly trained specilist that I have to remain faithful that the science is valid)

and now we have no maps to see how 9 days as november 26 to december 4 = 8 days this is medicine -- and once again iam a test tube to be experimented on

we have no idea and I have very little if any supports after we "test" this hand of medicine of a stupid as shit human being who just got used by the system to "test" how this would work out -- THEN again I have been used a few times before by the S.O.R. (structure of reality) as I am not a bad person -- hell I even foolishly thought the Self Isolation was that I was supposed to stay away from people and everything I knew -- I was used when they pulled 22 teeths out of my face / mouth with zero freezing (and still I tried to trust people) only to be hurt over and over again and again


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