BruleShit Rules & Modern Day Hallucinations `

Who knew that the Masters of the Universe would one day figure and find a use for this traveler in time and space as I was given up for the dead so many, many times I actually should not be here tonight listening to Eric Clapton's - Wonderful Tonight this brings back memories of Sheila Mackintosh and Donna Remke (not at the same time however) [hey I did try]

The BruleShit Rules started March 15, 1985 (hey I a wee bit old) as did the Modern Day Hallucinations it was an eventful day let me assure you as it was my first time (not that way) but in a Ambulance (what was I supposed to do in a Magics Bus)

The Games we called MY LIFE / OUR LIFE just ended and I became a SLAVE unto the S.O.R. ( Structure Of Reality ) -- and the Opiates began and As Pink Floyd now is playing on my Spotify Account -- Comfortably Numb

It began with Tylenol # 3, then escalated up to Percocet then case lots (ok ''100's" a week) they the S.O.R. turned me into a "M.E.S.S" I would never really work again as I became an experiment in the LABS of Multiple Doctors THAT actually cared more for their "billing hours" than did they for their patient

Times were different ( I don't even think we had Triplicates) for the "High End Opiates" like Percocet and then I was jacked up on Oxycontin (Oxy) that was a long time ago and I wasn't drug seeking

They were just Pushing (Pusher Man)

Then my last doctor before my current doc, 1991-2009 decided he was going to make it as hard as he possibly could when I asked to go to a

Pain Clinic (he fought me for 6 months before he would even make a referral) "as he knew he was going to lose a "Cash Cow"

I fought hard

Tania would break the horrid addictions of mixed up chemical soup I was as a "test tube" in Dr. John's kitchen -- she then damn near KILLED me coming clean (keep in mind this was without rehab and only daily office visits) Tania was so KIND she had to BREAK me, and it hurt as I was coming off a few screw ups on the Mental Mixtures and the Percocet & Oxycontin and then a lead into Methadone (it felt at times like I was DEAD) DEAD then Tania transferred all my medications back to Shrinks and Family Doc's = Dr. John and Bishop / Gordon (the whole picture was a mess) it was like watching a Blue Ray on a Ordinary Player and doing a lot of Praying before

Then Dr. John on April 16, 2010 would F**K UP and actually call me his SLAVE and I drew a line on the sandbox sand and said "F U the only Person I am going to be a slave too is MY MISTRESS (Mistress of The Mad Hatter) and she hasn't been hired YET (hey I am finally now taking applications for the job)

There was a lot of pieces to figure this stuff out

IAM Ready RU?

Then I couldn't get no help in getting clean as the druggist (R*x*ll) and the Doctor were losing a "Cash Cow" and I wanted just to have my damn life back and I was going to test my

Mind, in ways you can't imagine (I was a drug user, created by the S.O.R.) as a test model

Body, was the back (this is what I injured in the first place well enough) - I test it daily some days it just revolts TOTALLY and HURTS me

To EXTREME Tolerances to (E.A.R.N.) A second chance at life

I started on April 16, 2010 and it would then take me until November 9, 2010 to get my ass free off Opiates, that for you stat nerds is

9,370 days

or 25 years, 7 months 25 days

or 307 months, 25 days

Or a lifetime ago

I shouldn't even be here right now and I appreciate the day that I am Given as God Gives unto me and I hope I am a faithful servant that is all

Then I was cleaned from November 9, 2010 till January 3, 2019 due to a WOUND on my Coccyx / Tailbone (this is where a bunch of Nerves Gather and when the skin gets disturbed then pain can wake you up to the FACT that something is wrong

I had what they called FLAP Surgery on my Ass on April 11, 2019

And then I am Clean again from August 8, 2019 till NOW

Never again

Weird Science thing is that I didn't die

we have so much stuff / things



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