Building The Church Of The Holy CupCake

Guess I laid the foundation stone on August 19, 2019 when I was in a state of intense prayer as to my fate as there is no

Pain Level - NO Ratings at all for this day --This was doctor day and also

However it is / was the day of my Re-Birth into this world of man, as I had my new injection of Abilify Maintena 400mg

And needed to be attended to by E.M.S. in my Apartment Houses Stairwell and then "needed" to be escorted up the stairs as I couldn't walk as I was asleep on my feet and many people in the community were worried for my well being

Also my Buprenorphine / Naloxone 2/0.5mg doubled to begin the next day (August 20) I also had a session with my Plastics Team moved from August 23 to the 21, 2 days after the foundation stone was laid in place on my heart and soul on August 19, 2019

Many of you don't know I launched a [PERSONAL WAR] against the HOLY HOLE / Bedsore that appeared on October 15, 2018 (this war was only going to run 13 months exactly as I didn't thnk I would / could make it through yet another Christmas season with a HOLE (Ulcer/Sinus Tract Wound) in my body--

The Official day that The Holy Hole War began was May 15, 2019 with the end date of November 15, 2019

Looking at this right now makes me sad, very sad as I had given up in my Health Care Management Teams -- And I have some serious players on my Teams that did / are doing so much even as I write this

The next stages are being readied so i can begin to once again Learn To Live Again (for actually my first time) as the drugs and alcohol messed me up along time ago when MY DAD (Edgar Paul Faciote) Passed away at the young age of 45 and I fell so hard so far in to the pits of dis pare

MOM & DAD and Sis and my Three incredible nieces

I PROMISE to make YOU all proud of this the Re-Birth of Lucien Jean Edgar Facciotti II

Acid trip back with me to August 21, 2019 I walked down the street as usual (111ave) and boarded the train at Kingsway / Alex (and a trio of young people boarded a young girl was being comforted by her two friends as she seemed like she took a hell of a beating at the hands of someone (thing)) I was very saddened at this and i did my best to make them smile as one of the young girls shot pics/video of me and the Mad Hatter Hat

I managed to extract a smile from the young girl that took the beating as they exited the train at a stop a few away from mine..

I was very emotionally sad as we need to love each other and not hurt one another as this is not the way were supposed to be in 2019

I gave a few pieces of Candy away and had a chat with a University Student Nathan (can't remember what YOU are studying my friend) but I hope you can forgive me as my life was about to fly all to pieces in a good way after 310 days (10 months 6 days) of absolute hell that some of the events of my day became a blur

between all my regular expenses I finally decided on -- Laying The Foundation Stone for The Church Of The Holy CupCake after a very long process in my mind it seemed that I was being LEAD this way as I was on

Abilify 10mg /day (and had hope as I could sense it in my doctors eyes and tonality) and

I had a new pain killer that was seemingly working better Buprenorphine / Naloxone 2/0.5mg

It was the 19th I had $100 to my name (I was broke) as I lost hope in August and didn't have the energy to either track my foods i eat for my incredible dietitian and I had sh*t for energy to track my income// outgo and lost track and (I was broke) I had a bit of food thanks to the incredible generosity of the Citizens OF Edmonton (The Capital Of Earth), and The Edmonton Food Bank -- but I was out of cash pretty much

And I wasn't actually thinking but I always believed IN GOD & JESUS CHRIST as I was brought up that way and I had a idea a, "singularity" that if /when it would be set up had the potential to save Mankind from Mankind the OnE

Acid trip, time again as I am now at the University Hospital to see my Plastics Team, and the sick and injured are all over the place, (this in kind of normal right?)

What is not normal is that my pocket full of candy is almost gone and I am now in a micro panick state as giving away to candy is what the Mad Hatter does

I am there with a few minutes before I see Plastic, quick hit the Gift Store (It is the 21st now and I need to construct one massive pot of pasta sauce till payday) I have invested in The Foundation Stone for The Church Of The Holy CupCake

Can I do the candy, the sauce (Candy needs to be NOW) as there are sick and injured all around --and its less than a $100 by far

Trust, Faith, Belief

Do it as the profits from the gift store go to the Hospital Foundation -- JUST DO IT

here is where the magik arrives as I get up to the Plastic Unit and it is packed with young children and I am in a mood to do a share

yes I have a long coat, a staff and my Mad Hatter Hat, AND -0-- YES a whole pocket full of overpriced Werthers Hospital Candy -- the children get it too and so do some of the (by Society Design Inc Lobby Stage) adults -- It is time to save the Mad Hatter

I very quickly get taken away (into a quiet r0om to be examined) and the nurse wants to see the WOUND (its a Coccyx wound) and I have the routine down (pants down and a lay on the-cot) and then the NURSE says

I couldn't and still it is incredible says "WHERE IS THE WOUND?"

It is gone, my Plastic Surgeon enters and confirms this i breakdown as I suffered for 310 days with the UNHOLIEST OF HOLES for this day,

On August 21, 2019 at the Kaye Clinic at The University Hospital (where my adventure in being kidnapped 2181 days ago began I was set FREE)-- And Humanity Bore Witness to a Miracle (was it the investing in the Foundation Stone or The Using what was pretty much my last dollar bills)

We will never likely KNOW -- But we have a new idea for a FUN CHURCH at The Church Of The Holy CupCake''

And in a while I should have some resources to set it up also just like it took me 6 month while in seriously nasty pain to save and then invest in

the $451,42

That I personally need to do to save MY LIFE as yes we have FREE health care but we also need to do our part

I hope it doesn't take me the 6 month for

The Church Of The Holy CupCake

To be up as I believe in my heart and soul that GOD created me to have fun and YOU TO as it sure as hell doesn't need to be a "slave to the grind" reality daily


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