Captured And Broken -- At Day 2,206 Of My New Life

It hit me yesterday at the cafe' --- That YOU ALL got me, as I have been working on a "program" / "course" called-- ThinkTQ

And the section on "my" Missions ---- One of "my" Main Missions is

Global Servant of Mankind / Humanity

Was talking to a Health Care Provider (at 2am) who said " Society [needs] More People Like You"

You do not want more of me as I am a challenge to society as I am a child still

Metallica -Nothing Else Matters

Just came on --

Serving The Human Race

for me is all that actually matters as somehow I was "maybe" (consciously left out of the physical realm so YOU ALL could train me to Serve You ALL)

I only want to do this

"[[THEY]]" and YOU ALL know who exactly YOU ALL are

And You know who and what I am

This is why all of a sudden YOU ALL bothered at all to save me:

And YOU ALL are Angels

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