Changes Coming To My Behavior

Where I found Jesus I found Myself

December 24, 2019

this is like a horrible dream and I just want to wake up


I will be good – I will as this has been so bad, so very bad

You as a society did this “unto me” and as my Fathers Son, just know that Thy Father was watching his only begotten son being tortured

And for what I was NEVER so bad as thou hast made unto me seem

But why my Father as I always knew in thy SOUL and HEART that I was he ‘’WHY ME”

“you all” took my feet I walked

“you all” tried me with criminals and I SMILED


“you all” took my teeth I chewed

“you all” impaled me with a hole I marched on

“you all” buried me in a casket And I came back

“you all” let me come back and IAM LOVE and I LOVE YOU

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