Check This Sh&t Out -- 38 Days To Go

Then I will have 7 years of the most insane days I have ever lived --- from Asylum to Homeless, to Jail, To Boarding Camps, to Forensic Institutions, to Prison Camps, To Teeth yah all of what I had left some 22 of them Pulled out with no freezing, To a Bedsore that wouldn't quit

And I just won't F'n say oh well screw it and to drink that mini glass offered at the Church (not sure why)

To the Creation of a Church "of the" (which will lead you right back yup right back here as there truly is no place to actually go)

then the days of sobriety in 38 days it will be 7 years of which I did the above

ME -- the KID that got somewhat lost in his (my) mind and couldn't get his (my) way back to a place he (me) stepped away from on February 15, 2013 when there was a damn knock at my door

The crime was kinda like I ordered pizza a few times at 911 and hold the Jalapenos (kidding but THEY weren't as a few months later I was locked up for a few too many pizzas (hold the anchovies) haha -- Jenny says there good for me, lets give em to Lucien hell we can train him now

In just over a month

I will be sober for 7 years -- and a few of you arrived here with a linen card with a number on it

Call already as I am lonely and I like don't like a pizza no more (hey they pulled all my yah all my damn teeth for my "crimes" life for a pizza crust) you all are to kind

BUT -- I was before I was

and now I am before I was

the old is new and this new is old

thank YOU all for helping my friends in this community out '38 ' is todays number

and I am tired

and its 8pm and drug time (did I just say that as were only in 78 cities, and 17 country's now "hell" I am drugs

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