Cigarettes Have (No/None) Actual Redeeming Feature's

It was 1987 and the world was a very different world, as we smoked "inside" (and this is good) "the hallway besides the (smoking room) lead directly to the I.C.U." told you "this was is good" e was nothing to do AT ALL if you wanted to have any form of interactions with the other "patients // inmates" of the Asylum

It was 1987 and the world was a very different world, as we smoked "inside" (and this is good) "the hallway besides the (smoking room) lead directly to the I.C.U." told you "this was is good" 1987 if the systems knew nothing how could I?

it was before David Kessler (Former Commissioner U.S. Food & Drug Administration) took Big Tobacco to the Courts in what was deemed -- A Great American Battle with a Deadly Industry- it was 1990 and David and his teams were about to save 100,000s of lives, And cost Big Tobacco -Billions -- if you smoke or know someone who does find a copy of -- A Question of Intent by David Kessler -- Try mght save a life

I started a few years before this war was about to break out and by the time it did I was a addict and a mess

Try Quitting and YOU know all about it as they say "its harder than (HEROIN) to get off, and they are very right"

My plan began on November 2005 when I smoked 33.3 / day would take until I could convince a doctor team to ""allow"" me a chance to go to a pain clinic (where I knew I would get on Methadone) and then convince the pain clinic teams to allow me to go on a drug that really messes with ones neruochemistry (champix)

I was in the "tail end" of a marriage that although looking back saved my life, took lots also.

On March 17, 2006 it exploded I stopped weed the next day, as I saw shit as a possibility that I didn't want to see manifest in reality

Then at the peak (we had a house to sell and it got seriously complicated) and by May 2006 were still in the house together and all I am doing is smoking and its 48 / day and am a mess, I am maybe not getting high, on weeds - but am a chemical soup

July 2006 its 49/ day

But I am out of the house with a pocketful of loonies. (cash) not actual crazy people

By February 2007 I am on the Methadone, and I work with Dr Tana N on "issues" that were always just brushed under a rug

December 3. 2007 I am in "my" drug store and I had just been turned down for (champix) by Blue Cross, then I was turned down saying I had the resources to cover the medication (best thing / move ever) as had the system covered it my "whole heart" wouldn't have been into this QUIT

So I called Dr Tana and said " call it in, as I start today "--- if the System paid for me and my drugs that day well my bulldog determination might not have been there and I would now be dead (Thank YOU ALL)

and that night the vivid / lucid dream storm kicked in that everyone warned me about and in a few days *December 11, 2007* I QUIT

And this one was tough right from the get go, how is this for a test "walk through a wall of blue smoke outside the doors of a homeless shelter for 59 days" years later (ROCK SOLID)

I HAD QUIT December 11, 2007 (14 days before Christmas) (SOLID)

Today I marked 141 months = days 4,292 (amazing) = 11 years 9 months


Guess what occurred on my way to today at 4 years, 3 months, 21 days --Days = 1,573 Or 51 months, 21 days I would end up in a surgical suite at the Hospital and have half my right lung removed ''No Redeeming Value at all



I never thought I could go one day when started -- Human Beings Are Amazing





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