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Cobalt --Have You Heard Of It?

Their is a stash in the Congo --- and that IT was being mind by

This Freaked Me --- Children / Slavery / Cobalt / Slave Children -- This fucked my brain up I had no idea I never asked (enough questions) i guess

I should of asked WHO OWNS THEM -- you

now I guess you might be wondering how the hell you just became a SLAVE OWNER Right? And a Child SLAVE OWNER at that

You have a Smart Phone I am guessing, well 48.33% of the Global Popuation Base does at December 22, 2022

Also you may have a bit of Li = Lithium in the phone and it is in all EV vechiles ( so there are children slaves in EV -- like this sucks also

so what do we do as do we bring in heacvy machines and displace all the child slaves ./ workers and essential giving them a $0 income nstead of what their getting now

do we tag the colbalt with the miner (children slaves blocck chain token and he gets a payment when the colbalt is deleivered as it seems we can't allow the Childrens Handlers / Masters to control the data ( as the children would likely earn more if we tagged it (I think it gomes out of the mines in bags so we tag the bag in front of the labourer and he gets a data point in the wallet we give to all the people on this BLOCKCHAIN

Did You Thinkth as I see a issue and I think we should act but I am a no oner but a voice in the air and The Light Lucien II

Thank YOU come back to me with your s0olutions for stopping the Cobalt / Lithium Slave Mining

You to Elon as This is a few of the mineral's as all been to pull the Goals of President Joe Biden or the next President of the Great USA

God Bless you all Humanity ROCKS

DrHatterZ Medicinal Medicine got to be DrHatterZ as no one is BetterZ than DrHatterZ

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