Complex Mental Health Challenges Combined With Complex Physical Health Challenges

Welcome to HELL as we just have no way to deal with this in one individual with also eccentricity and fame issues and social exclusiveness issues as I actually am not a fan of people as I see and have seen way to much

Lets do the Mental Health Challenges first as even though everything 99% plus of everything is Mental when it is a mess everything becomes challenged

However the Mental is "transported" by the Physical; and when the Physical breaks down it creates stresses that we still do not quite understand as it is much like the lines we create for ourselves in a grocery store checkout and we do NOT want (Physical) connecting or even touching the (Mental) so we drop a border between the two sides and one side gets

And this therefore create a LINE and a STIGMA of US & THEM and people with Mental Health Issues generally make good targets (or do we?) that is until a "LONE-WOLF" appears --- And draws attention in a most negative manner possible


When a POSITIVE meaning and loving Crazy Person Arrives we always wonder about a "hidden objective"

Turns out I only wanted people to be happy again, as I have seen so much "sadness" and suffering/pain in my life I only wished and "dreamed" for a change in peoples states as I attempted

State CHange Yoga (S.C.Y.) with many, many substances, only to find out the 0nly one we actually need is a Pure Mind andHeart

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