Conversation With The Devil Girl -- Volume 0.01 July 2019

My Doctor said I needed to get curious and kind toward her (The Devil Girl) so I created a entity I call Ms, Payne and this is the first attempt at this as I am sh*t scared of this Devil Girl as in the last 9 plus month she has altered my personality in ways I never knew possible.

So here is my first attempt at talking to the Pain itself (some will think I am crazy, well I am so your right is that okay?)

‘’hello my friend Ms. Payne, glad you could stop by again, shall I put the tea on?”

‘’what lesson[s] did you bring with you tonight?

‘’hopefully no repeats’’

‘’I am kind of curious however to the fact you come over a lot after midnight, can’t you sleep either?”

Ms. Payne “No I saw your lights on, and figured you could use company, and I brought my bag of “magik tricks” some “pills and potions” and figured we could play a game of Mile Bornes or any other game you wanted to play”

Any Game, :-)

As the daze go bye this exercise could get fun, "Any Game?"

Better than just suffering maybe

Ms. Payne "oh baby you will suffer for me" (more that is humanly possible) "you will doubt yourself, your Teams, and even your God" --- "Just as I have made you suffer for the last 9 plus months I am always there, as are you"

Roll the Dice

Why do I seek "outside" intervention at a company of nurses who have been pretty much been told to collect info, PHN and then dump the call ASAP

They are the step to a ER or a EMS ride (although its been 9 plus months and I have only gone once as I am not a fan) and it was not a EMS ride

People and then there is the lovely schizophrenic mind created Ms Payne who loves to hurt me all the time

Thanks baby

Love You Ms. Payne my true Angel of Utter Misery

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