Couch Surfing With A Schizophrenic's Twin

It has been 4 plus ( one half ) months since I have developed a heart condition that we still have yet to figure out

Then again in Oct 4-8, 2019 @ J Unit (Mental Health) it was at 34- 42 BPM and this scared the nursing teams to the point that when I was transferred to University Hospital 4F2 (?) The Cardiologist Teams were brought in too examine me

Fast forward to September 19 / 20, 2020 at the Royal Alex again and I went dark 2-3x (dark = unconsciousness) and my heart dropped to 28 BPM a couple of times

Today was a hard day, tomorrow will be better as I am going apply myself and my body to {The System} to gather more data as to a maybe why this low heart beat is happening to me

as we don't know right now

I have been couch surfing in my own house in my living room. This is not recommended by me to anyone as IT ( the couch surfing ) LT is insane (LT = Long Term)

I have basically been sleeping every 2nd or 3rd day and functioning on 2 to 4 hours when I do have that click of sleep

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