Dangerous Do-Gooders Want To Build An Asylum Under A New Program? The "ME" Program

I get to be the first client, in the "Fowler Family Phys-co Utopia Village" (or is that the first "Inmate" with a Life Sentence, and even though I have a Psychiatrist, A Psychologist, and a incredible Mental Health Nurse, that just recently 149 days ago have come "On Stream" that actually give a __ __ C K. And all say it is the pain from three (3) ya three (3) sinus tract wounds in my "coccyex area (tail bone) that are attempting to drive me crazy. One is 2..1cm next is 2 cm and the third is 6.5cm (at July 23, 2019) according to my wound TEAM at home-care She wants to inter me in her new idea of a Prison Camp as she comes from that [ White Picket Fence ] world and

That she knows best, what is scary is she talks to people about (IDEAS) like this

You see, I went all those years from 1985 t0 2019 (with out a team that did sh*t other than medicate the sh*t out of me, and now she knows

And oh BTW she wants to be KING (however it is very likely her faith will not allow her to have a sex change)

But these types of Do-Gooders are tremendously funny and I think it should be time to turn the table (maybe the house on them) as where is cost efficient and break even figures going to be set, and is this a "charity for PROFIT" and what does she as maybe the first C.E.O. going to be paid maybe $250,000 maybe $500,000

And it will just duplicate "Addiction and Mental Health Services" we are already short in supply and the last N.D.P. Governing Party pulled $200 Million out for a facility for children and teens

Where is the next $200 million for The "Fowler Family Phys-co Utopia Village" going to come from

Now if she wants to create a space for "PEOPLE "LIKE ME" YOU KNOW THE ONES" we wear large green Mad Hatter Hats and "Make People Happy"

Like YOU

It costs $22,000 a year and a decent place to live that {People "Like Me"} can go to the corner store "when the darkness role's in, safely" for a fair price

Given you keep people like ME living


But its all fun right -- keep US hungry and in need and


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