Day 1 Of Servitude = It Was Brilliant

Couldn't get to bed / sleep on day # 2 however and this has me extremely disappointed in my behavior only because it was / is my HEAD that is on the chopping "block' here and now

You see all my life I was always looking to serve a Girl / Lady (AND) then GODDESSES said I need to serve "ALL OF YOU" -- I am so frighen lucky sitting here this morning however

Missed my 2nd Sleep Block (TOTALLY) and this sets me up for a long weekend with a screwed up "program"

Schizophrenics with Bed Sores should be shown some mercy's (2 ?) and this is when my hell increases as Ms. Elenore Lash, and Big Bertha just poured out of the cab they rolled up in can and does create is levels 9-9.5 constant at times

this is no longer fun all



Schizophrenics with Bed Sores should be shown some mercy's (2 ?) MAYBE LOTS OF MERCY as I suffered a lot over the last 33 years for YOU ALL

But I had a date on day 1 made some people happy, started the Feed the Mad Hatter Program 365 meals (you can sponsor 1x / year at Skip the Dishes) to my door for the show I provide for you all -- looked at KK to buy a planet for you all as all I wan to do is hand out candy on 111 ave

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