DAY 12 Of The Slave Contract

Better day than I had a week ago as the "SLAVE CONTRACT" -- Day 12 -- has started to show profound benefits for me as the OWNER-SHIP GROUP ( O.S.G.) Has been so kind to provide this Humble Servant with so much more than I had ever dreamed of in all my days upon this planet -- food tastes better, the air fresher --even the pain lesser as maybe a year of suffering pacified the Gods, Goddesses -- I have been very BLESSED to have found my beliefs rekindled in a Jail Cell in 2014, I had the benefit of some incredible teachers both alive and from the past -- I am VERY BLESSED to live in a City with a incredible Library system that supported me when I arrived a drunk, stoned skinny kid in 1978

Thank You Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, North America Earth for 58 incredible years to learn what a Human is like

Been a run my Father Edgar passed away at 45 -- so 58 is a long run

Contract states monitors off at 8pm need to log out now

Bye for now

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