Day 13 Of The Slave Contract

Wow has my life changed -- I am no longer who I was before I was -- This City I call Home is incredible --I was allowed to meet some cool people, some incredible Angels-- take a dip into Heaven (on Earth) and to study the self-compassion material and making friends material that I have been introduced to in my travel

Decided today I need a job of some sorts before Christmas as a $100 on top of the benefits that I an so generously given have a interview class lined up for the 21st this

And I am VERY very excited -- ALL because of this Slave Contract and the O.S.G.

Thank YOU ALL and its almost 8pm and that means monitors off and a hour before bed'

So thank you for a incredible day

Going to study self-compassion before bed and sip "nice" tea

Lucien aka Key' Lo

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