DAY 139 of COVID 19 = 4 MONTHS 18 DAYS

It is totally unbelievable that in a relatively, short period that we have had the presence of this Virus in our lives it has caused Humanity so much damage to everything we KNEW as a population (November 17, 2019)

It was 150 Days, 4 months 29 days that MY PERSONAL SLAVERY CONTRACT (P.S.C.) went into effect at THE AGENCY (November 6, 2019)

I accepted the TERMS OF MY CONTRACT and my life was made so much better by the OWNER-SHIP-GROUP (O.S.G.)

But now that all seems a very long time ago and my PERSONAL AWAKENENING began on (OCTOBER 4, 2019) When I was stopped COLD and shaken a bit just a even 6 months ago on as of today it was 183 days ago - one needs to be AWAKEN to understand all that we need to accept as people that are more able to understand what it takes to keep when we take responsibility for OURSELVES and to take care of people around us:

I am going to begin a section on this site to help businesses and organizations locally and globally under the tabs of MORE -- as we now need to care about each other even more now.

As this blog has spread to 20 Countries and

Today my friend published his first book "Notes From The Asylum Vol 1" on Amazon it is a Kindle book at this stage and can be found at MORE tab for $1.00USA$

We need to lend a hand to all and I do NOT discriminate I Can't as I will not throw the first stone at any ones life

Let's listen to those who need a little LOVE and maybe a SMILE and a wave <grin>

Be well

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