Day 14 To 7 Years Of Sobriety

The Numbers are---

Day 120 Of My Awakening (Oct 4, 2019 till Feb 1, 2020)

Day 87 Of My Personal Slave Contract (Nov 6, 2019 to Feb 1, 2020)

Day 53 Of My Walk Down Liberation Ave, Dec 10 to Feb 1 \, 2020

And Day 21 Of Hope Reinstated Back Into my Life Selling Spices and I have sold $87 my First Try "Campaign 1' was only 20 days (I started late (not enough for a comission) but Hopefully Feb is Better

and my fee to "try / get involved were $20.95 / year" so I might actually be out money right money at this stage

Some around me are saying I was taken advantage of (but I did this on my own as WOULD YOU HIRE ME?) A *unf**kwithable*Mad Hatter , that now looks like a cross between "Gandalf, mafia, and the Hatter, as even the Visual Construct is Insane as Can you see a Silver Brief Box loaded with monthly flyers from a Company that has been around since 1868) only me right as this is good, a Long Trench Coat, A 55 " staff, and the Hat That damn HAT as the card says "its all in the Hat

But Hey I got 14 days to 7 Years of Sobriety and this I am so very 'proud of right now" very , very PROUD OF very proud OF

Enjoy the weekend and night

Lucien / aka Key Lo

and I might have a date in a few days too

IAM so damn *HAPPY* tonight, as I found a Princess that I have been Praying to for months now, and she showed up on my Radar


and Your all ANGELS

baby I love you way

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