Day 16 Of The Slavery Contract & A Reward

This weekend I am being "allowed" to finally lay in my tub and relax I plan on Candles (sented) thinking lavender and Incence with gentle rock

It took me a bit over a year with the 4cm x 4cm x 1.5cm coccyx (tail bone) HOLE to heal well enough to get the clearance from a director on the Team [My Plastics Surgery Team] to agree to this i have to shower riight after

the reason for this year delay in a "TUB" bath was the risk of an infection like the one that almost killed me in March 2019 when the Infectious Diesease Teams needed to be broght in (if this sounds much like a war, it was and is as the winner lives, and today we won a major and I mean major victoery I am so happy for my various Teams from Diet, Pain Management, Plastics and the rest of my Warriors

I Saw the dead pile up like cord wood (12 bodies) during my surgiacal stay at the Covenant Hospital -- some things are hard to forget -- I still think about that 47 day "chunk" of my short life

I am sitting here tonight "comfortably numb" -- we did it

Thank YOU for a second chance at life -- when I left home this morning I was so scared as it was a horrible night thanks to a old friend -- who I need to let go of -- bye dude -- I am sticking with the new TEAMS

I am over joyed -- I had pretty much given up on this dream

Thank you all

Blood work was also a acid trip as i entered anotther dream one I really hope I never wake from as my new as new friends are showing up

Good Night

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