Day 19 Of MY Slave Contract And More Suggestions / Orders

Today on day 19 I take full Ownership of "MY" Contract and therefore "MY" life -- the new orders came from everyone on the TEAM from Crisis Line Workers who have become integral in my health care management structure to my personal teams of Doctors and Nurses in all 4 new "suggestions / orders"

for those that do not have a mental health challenge structure is not as important but MENTAL HEALTH is no matter how you see it still a HEALTH CARE ISSUE

and without a FIRM structure all hell has the potential to break lose --- as I know from personal experience

My Good buddy Sam said we actually need three major things

1) Home

2) Good Food

'3) Clothes

And my TEAMS and YOU make sure this is all there all that is needed is

1) the structure

2) the management of the structure

But for the last 37 months I have been able to manage all of the above without very little extra support

Most people that have mental health challenges aren't as motivatwed nor driven to BE THE BEST AND A ROLE MODEL for others to follow

But then along comes a kid from St Albert and basically destroys all his addictions between 2006-2013 from

weed 2006'

ciggeretes 2007

Opiates 2010

Alcolohol 2013

But then his tests began yeah wait till I was both clean and sober and then push me into HELL where

2013 I was sent to an Asylum (lost all my stuff, can you heaer Lennons tune Imagine no possessions "I did")

2013 I was made home less (Christmas 2013 was spent 3 feet away from a homeless shelter ceiling)

2014 Jail followed by Forensic Unit for 12 / 911 call I was locked in a cell 23 hrs a day for this massive crime spree

2014-16 I was sent everywhere to test the power of LOVE tthat a young lady inserted into a cold dark heart in 2013 (hardest part was having all (22) of my teeth pulled out of my face with no freezing --- KIDS do not try this one at home -- reason ?? It did hurt I promise you

2016 Oct I am allowed a try at living on my own (I had to arrange and finace all of it) and the Asylum teams bet against it lasting more than 3 months (were on Month 37)

2017 (sept) the Mad Hatter Experience begins and well

2018 punishment time again (what you thought it would be ok?) remember the lessons of life series of tests-- and the bed sore is found Oct 2018

2019 by March 2019 I am pretty much ready to die/kill crawl on glass to stop the level of pain that would reach 8-9 for days and weeks on end, hospital time for the hell of surgery I was going to basically need (flap surgery on my ass my plastic surgeon worked miracles) bring the levels down to 3-4 and at times heavey medicated 2-3

enough as its 807pm and "MY" Slave Contracts state Monitors off at 8 pm'Night all

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