Day 2,127 of my kidnapping, brings forth more Angels

To the Angels a Mother and Son at the Save On Stadium foods that I frequent at for my food stuffs who provided me candy to continue on with the "candy mission" I do in this incredible City of Edmonton I am grateful for your incredible generosity thank you Angels

as you truly can't get to Heaven without a side trip through Hell and besides the road show attractions are always worth the price of admission and we always MUST pay "the reaper" as we criss cross back and forth between the two states '

To the Ladies who shared some steps on my path today all of you some whose names i can't remember names of we have -- Skateboard Girl, Watermelon and Steak lady, Post Bump Girl (sorry for the distraction on your almost perfect Monday but it was Monday) loved your hat BTW, to Jenna and Stella I am more blessed to have been allowed to walk a few steps with you all and to Holly and Karen at the Alex thanks for your kindnesses as i struggle in my meaningless pain, and to the Gentlemen Jessie, and Jordon thank you for the understanding also in the face of this meaningless pain, pain medications cycle i am finding my trapped in like a damn bad nightmare that Freddie Kruger didn't think up from his mind as this shit makes no sense, to anyone at all

To my good friends that tolerate my endless "bitching" about (MY) suffering and pain that for some screwed up reason I need to still study in

To the teachers that all arrived again as if on cue to teach me about (Girls/Ladies) (Life) (Meaninglessness Of Pain at Times) and To The Pain itself for waking up a part of my heart and life that what without her (it) him I wouldn't know a part of me i now know, "through pain and suffering we grow"

To the Weather Gods for providing a totally brilliant day in MY TOWN OF EDMONTON ALBERTA CANADA

why me? why now? why not? what is next? who is coming for dinner next weekend? hey pick me, and i promise I will attempt to keep my "ill fitting / pretty much useless never fit dentures in okay :-)

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