Day 2,129 of the Kidnapping of Lucien aka The Mad Hatter = You Made Me

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

This all began along long time ago now it seems only 201 days (6 months 20 days into a test at me being sober) and this test was NEVER meant to last as long as it has as were now at 2,350 days (6 years, 5 months 9 days) of this stupidest event that has ever, ever occurred in my entire life, as I would be KIDNAPPED (and no one would say nor do much anything to right this at all)

What and jeopardize their paycheck?? No damn chance in HELL THAT THIS WOULD happen *can't say I would have either* as here was a I.C.S. claiming he was Kidnapped who would you believe a I.C.S. or the S.O.R. (that YOU are totally dependent upon well for your


But hey maybe I now see things differently as I am both "clean & sober*

But for 2,350 days? Who does stuff like this? How about Schizophrenics ya right hold ya I would surprise you all didn't I?

But why do I need to be held to a higher standard? Than lets say YOU?

Hell I don't even smoke cigarette's and the usage rate of this population group of nicotine use is 76.0% higher than any demographic (2016 data) as there is sh*t to do and we are written off pretty much by the [ White Picket Fence ] area of the Design By Society Inc. who cut the checks to their buddies that run the Mental Health Industries and the [ White Picket Fence ] groups get their tax receipts and a "feel good feeling" (State Change) [see posting on State Changes] that we all are seeking (I know as i also get this feeling when I donate)

Was 730am September 4, 2013 when I was grabbed off the streets in front of my "home" and people around me

ALLOWED --This To Occur as did they ALLOW the rest of my TREATMENT to go on as a result for 2,129 days

YOU are in a manner responsible, responsible for all that occurred unto me, my body, mind heart soul

we all created and therefore ME

This last 9+ months has been the hardest few months of my entire life EVER

Sorry support your Local Mad Hatter Experience as this stuff costs to do:


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