Day 2,159 Of The Kidnapping: Of ME A Real Person With A Heart Beat

We as a "Society By Design Inc." created me from the ashes of what I was before the day of my abduction in front of the "Twin Towers" where I was lead to live -- it was by total DESIGN from March 1, 2011 till September 4, 2013 some two and a half years righ to the day at

Days 918

2 years 6 months 3 days

30 months, 3 days

This whole adventure was cold and pretty much calculated "'[[They]]" ya you know who you are designed my journey from

September 4, 2013 the day I "Walked Out Of My Life" till some

1,123 days

3 years 27 days

36 months 27 days

Till YOU yeah "[[THEY]]" gave me a chance at life after a long session of various tortures that were NEEDED to be inflicted on me to test my "FAITH"

"[[THEY]]" "allowed" me a place --to live and experience life after a long almost acid trip adventure where I would be driven insane by sheer terror

Imagine having 22 teeth removed from your mouth without any freezing of any sort think of the pain and then the issues as a direct result of ill fitting dentures I have AS I SAID "NEEDED" to endure

For what to appease a God in a BOX Church (he is actually in our hearts ) As he always has been.



But were allowed too "TORTURE" people that have no support in our community as we don't need to become aware of it RIGHT '

This behavior is called "STICK OUR HEADS UP OUR ASSES AND FORGET" (the people we hurt) and we do this often as we just don't THINK ANYMORE

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