Day 2,161 Of My Kidnapping -- The Horror Of A Day

Who actually runs "SUFFERING N CORPORATE" within the recesses of my heart I would have given up on the sobriety program and started to self-medicate a long while ago but the way that "[[THEY]]" yeah all of you at "Designed Society Inc." set this all up I just can't seem to give up on the people (it has nohow been two (2) days since I have seen a person live) a I haven't been well enough to leave my HOME in that period and this has never even occurred before --- hoping humans haven't changed much in that period as do you still have 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 feet a head and 2 hand a torso and in the girls / ladies cases a love for shoes and make-up

Going to miss you all when my time is due to check my life at the door and take teh exit ramp off the stage -- that is going to be a very sad day for me indeed, and i see it coming at me soon as this pain is insane as it has driven people crazy that I don't even know YET (then again some of that is their choice)

Coming Back To Life -- Pink Floyd just came on the spotify player and I hope I am allowed to "Come Back To Life" again as this last year has been a incredibly difficult one on me and those around me

I am truly sorry as today was a damn brutal one on me -- incredibly brutal as there were sections when I was "praying" I would be allowed to die and get on with my soul journey as this physical body makes no sense anymore

Who actually runs "SUFFERING N CORPORATED" as this has to be one sick mother as this sh*t make zero sense anymore

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