Day 2,183 Of The Kidnapping Now I Get To -- Decompress From IT ALL

The Lessons from the 2,182 days = ( 5 years, 11 months, 23 days ) damn people it almost took me 6 years to come home, and it is not a physical place a mental place but it is a very spiritual place at least for me

I walked out of Unit (my HOME) 1301e on September 4, 2013 at 730am fully expecting to return home later that day (maybe later in the day / night) but I did think (assume, see what actually happens when we assume, and never mind making a "ass" out of "u" and "me", my entire life changed that early morning (see why I never wanted a damn "alarm clock" as I didn't much like anything "norm-al" a I was already doing what I thought (assumed) was everything right, and I was

SOBER on top of it for the first time in my entire life, EVER and I still needed to be it seemed punished even more: ""WHY?""

SOBER for 201 days or 6 months, 20 days

This was not good enough for anyone as I got sick, really, really sick as I was an undiagnosed schizophrenic at that time, and I was as I have been "allowed" to piece together -- the S.O.R. (Structure Of Reality) = Addictions & Mental Health System had me from 1985/87 to 2013 and still had no idea as to what was ailing me

It is the damn brain people it isn't anyone's fault (but i lost how many years being slammed onto one chemical after another) how about 27 long years (as long as some of you have been here for)

27 years, How many suicide attempts?, How many horror shows did I need to witness?, How much LIFE did I lose?, How Many FRIENDS did I Bury?

ever see someone blow his head off with a shot gun? 2x here as I said I lived a horror show of Addictions & Mental Illness.

How big is thsi portfolio I wonder as we think we know that Health Care is $22B (is Addictions and Mental Health included) or not

How much opportunity to see even Alberta,

Hell I never even got a drivers license as I was a drunk and I thought you did either one or the other? And I was too drunk to try

If I drank I could have killed a HUMAN BEING and By drinking I was killing MYSELF

and I got trapped in the Addictions and Mental Health web of cracks (and just kept falling and falling and falling) and

Finally I was Kidnapped or as ""[[THEY]]"" in THE AGENCY say


And this was going to hurt, If only I knew as maybe I could have bailed when I was "made" home;ess or locked up in a cell for 23 hours a day for 12 / 911 damn calls for 88 days alone or how about the Prison Camp where I was held in conditions reminiscent of a war camp for the simple CRIME of having a damn MENTAL ILLNESS and BEING ALONE



Or how about we "YANK" all my 22 teeth-out of my damn face with no freezing as it costs more

Remember I was alone back then and had nothing as we as a society needed to rip away all my physical stuff

wonder what is actually happening around here some times

Hey I needed to save for 6-7 months to save my life to set this blog up, and it was it turned out the tool // therapy --that likely saved my life -- but-- Only In Alberta

But back to my Kidnapping

WHY?? I was only short $500 on my rent just $500

DECOMPRESSION is really weird as I feel things I never experienced before







and this is all coming from YOU at me and I am having a hard time as I was alone all my life until YOU

damn well KIDNAPPED me and dropped me nto this incredible human family here in Alberta

Still short however as I had a housing benefit for 22 years until I was abducted and tossed into ever situation man damn well could dream up for me

It was $550 a month so $550 x 12 = $6,600 a year or and this is the extent of the final punishment of Lucien a day this is

$18.13 a day

What did I do to lose the benefit?


We need to stand against the UNWELL right as I only had the benefit from 1991-2013 some 22 years


But it doesn't actually work as all your math would take to screw up would be a monthly visit to a ER at $1650

Okay its late and I sense a bed somewhat lonely

Hug A Fish Today

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