Day 2,185 Of Kidnapping Live In Front Of Your Eyes

First to all the incredible people who have made my little itty bitty life a possibility -- It had to all unfold as it did, as I needed ALL of the lessons from the LOVE of The Queen to The Horror of 22 Teeth Being Yanked from my face in 45 minutes with sh*t for freezing

You all were there watching and paying attention fully aware I was under the Holy Fathers Protection all along -- it was only me that was unaware that I was being protected all along--

have I changed in the last 2,185 days ( 5 years, 11 months, 25 days ) without a doubt as I may have even grown up a bit (maybe) although I am still kind of child like ((kind of)) lol

where were you on September 4, 2013 at 1130am as I was being whisked away in a marked car as no one even noticed (well I didn't even)

In just 5 more days it will be six (6) full years since I was "allowed" to return home-- that is a long time --sort of ---

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