Day 2,204 Continued -- It Was A Fun Day

I am for the first time ever learning to have "FUN" and this is also without "recreational / alcohol or drugs" (other than the ones my TEAM allows me)

I feel better (there is some residual pains, but after the winter I / we all went through in 2018/ 2019 its level 2-4 down from 7-9) so the TEAM is winning and I feel that although small my contributions are playing a tiny role here

I feel so very Lucky and Blessed as AK37/38 pulled me out of a place of "no return" many times over the past year --Thanks AK -- I Owe You (more than you can ever know)

Was in the last 48 hours able to make people happy and fulfill the mission statement of "The Mad Hatter Experience" which is

1) make poeple happy

2) work on having personal FUN

3) Meet people

4) smile, "make others smile" it is contagious,

5) Be a servant of my city, province and country and planet and represent all of the places in a meaningful and positive manner

6) enjoy myself

7) Obey The Girls / Ladies

8) Behave

9) Pick up one (1) piece of trash a day (one)

10) HUG A FISH :-)

11:11) FUNDAY

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