Day 2,204 Of The Kidnapping, IAM Happy, And At Home In My Own Skin, FINALLY

You all did this for me, :-) wow-- GENIUSES

Thank you all as there is no way ever that all the 2,204 days that I "needed" in order to grow into who I am now -- Today is September 17, 2019 and my Re-Education, Re-Design, Re-Programming, Re-Creation and Re-Engineering began on September 4, 2013 just 6 years, 13 days ago

And ya I wear a green hat, I only want to make YOU ALL "HAPPY" but as my good friends and medical, psychological teams have told me is that YOUR HAPPINESS is my "DRUG" go figure I get high (and I do) get high and sometimes REALLY HIGH / HAPPY all the time, but I have been dealing with a HOLY HOLE WAR since October 15, 2018 (one month short of a year) and I am at time experiencing pain levels between 7-10, plus a crazy illness society named Schizophrenia (going to get even and name my first born kid "Schizophrenia ) take that society and it gets weird when she / he begins to date, (but that is for another story)

Only YOU ALL could / would / should do this unto me --- Keeping me HIGH -

Only YOU ALL -- I now need my "FIX" daily nah that would be easy How about ALL THE TIME -now so I now walk and I get asked a lot "how much do you walk?" 6-10+ Miles / 10-16 Km a day

IAM a drug addict (and there is no cure) docs are at a loss, they attempt to say --"walk less" but it is highly counterproductive as they have patients that they wish would walk to the TV to change the station

Why am I so damn "HAPPY" and its 2am and I am up for my day with zero sleep again, as was finally after 36 long years given entrance into a S.O.R. (Structure Of Reality) called a "DAY PROGRAM"

Seems I said on the 27th of August - "I have crossed over from animal to HUMAN" and then my lessons (real lessons) began -- as you can teach "an old dog a whole bunch of [ new tricks ] if the game is stacked with LOVE as a reward,, and a feeling of being "proud" of assignments assigned the Newly Created Human, (that is me, by the way) and it was only 21 short days ago,21 amazing as I am different on so many levels

It gets better as I was then at August 27 softened and ready to be engulfed by more LOVE than I had ever felt and it was coming in a room of mirrors 2 days later by a Team member that has taught me so much in such a brief time we have had contact with each other (first hook up was on June 20, 2019 = 89 days ago) and she would assist me in a shopping experience 49 days ago and this had never been done for me and it blew my little mind

Just keep in mind that this is all a massive experience of THE AGENCY -that sort of adopted me on March 6, 2019 (5 days before I was hospitalized for my wound to save my life) it was 196 short days ago

I have in that brief time been smothered and cared for and somehow shown LOVE in so many ways I cant recall all of them

But back to the 27th of August and then August 29, 2019 and the "room of mirrors" where I surrendered in to an emotional structure I had never experienced -- LOVE

I never knew I could enjoy Obeying Orders, of People that actually have my best interests at heart

Only because I have never in the 36 years that I have had a mental health file with the Alberta health services groups that I saw / perceived had my best interests in mind

Trust -- I needed all the tests --- I guess --

I have a Psychiatrist that actually cares about me, I have a Psychologist (never had one in 36 years), I have a Mental Health Nurse that enjoys me listen and obeying I have a Social Worker who understands the system, I have a new OT at day program (which I have never had before)

I have so many people on various other TEAMS -- that seriously care also

August 29, 2019 was 19 days ago -- and a willingness to allow a chance at change in as I had nothing left as I just came off the worst experience of my entire 58 years (what is weird / odd is that I didn't self medicate at all)


Is amazing

This incredible Nurse took an incredible chance on me, AND WON

You see sometimes YOU WIN

And support Humans as we can surprise you at the weirdest times

And when YOU remember the "BIG GREEN, MAD HATTER HAT" you will for sure

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