Day 2.219 Of The Kidnapping Of A Icon

This last year took pretty much everything out of me, except my LOVE for YOU go figure as at so many points I wanted to die -- just to end my pain and suffering from a

Hole in Hell

It was brutal as I couldn't run and the TEAMS were (the current ones) not in place to pull me out of a Hell of No Return

Did I make it

Or is this all now "a little to late"

As Dr Y asked "what do you want?"

My life was stolen for 2,219 days ago (do you know how long that is actually?) its 6 years, 28 days -- and on the 15th of October it is going to be 80 months of sobriety and 12 months since i was attacked by the

Hole in Hell

and how do I actually process all this as I am not wired as you are as this damn mental illness i spend daily with " Schizophrenia" NEVER lets go

So what do I celebrate / dread Hell or my Sobriety?

Hard call right as they both occur on the same day

Okay I get it I am screwed as (we gotcha Lucien) yeah you all certainly did

Is this where the Mad Hatter says screw it and take his final curtain call, as he bows to YOU ALL, and walks off the stage, to be remembered a little while longer

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