Day 21 Of MY Slave Contract "It Works"

I am sleeping now without a pill (one day) and I have no idea how any of this works actually anymore as all I do know is that the O.S.G. knows me well and is in my life,

Lost a little much weight in a month -- this is no issue right now -- we see again in a bit ovver a month

One of the Group asked me again to think of what would actauly make me HAPPY - right now I don't know

More work to do and evening On-Line time is precious as I get like 1 hour and I need to do so much it seems

I have a few minutes left before the nxt section

its snowing outside and "pretty"

Promised I would do a block on the "Mindful Self-Compassion" course I got my mind twisted into

Likely more tears again -- that's my life / world


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