Day 25 Of The Slave Contract & Day 57 Of MY Awakening

Thank YOU ALL you woke a sleeping giant up after a 33 year long slumber (Guess What?) Yah, maybe you should have allowed a sleeping dog (pet) to sleep. IAM attempting to OBEY all of YOUR rules and decrees

it has been the toughest / hardest 25 days (THE SLAVE CONTRACT) of my life as I want to do the right things finally

I am physically and emotionally exhastted, from 2019 which for me began with a biopsy on my tail bone on December 31 , 2018 and going on a Opiate 3 days later which messed me up chemically all year, had a surgery -- just want to sleep nightly again

But I am a AWAKEN

Now we deal

25 / 57

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