Day 95 At 60 Amazing Life And World[s] IAM A Part Of

I in the last few weeks have been hanging out at IG / Instagram my user ID is @madhatterexperience ( you should have seen that one a coming I owe a great friend all of it as she set this up for me Tekla thank U )

As of the last time I was there ( like 10 seconds ago ) I have 51 followers and I have made some incredible new friends - LIFE is amazing as I am in school also

Coding and have designed a Fashion Blog, a Wine Festival Schedule and now I am working on creating a Burger place menu ( Davies's Burgers )

This course came at a cost as I had to pull $315.09 CDN out of my jeans and this is like $0.86 a day cheap for schooling as my friend Elon Musk says ( education is free or almost free )

I also signed up for a few Udemy ( courses online ) and have been studying NFT's, SEO, Copy-writing, Email Lists, Sales Funnels and Digital Marketing and Cryptocurrency's, " Dogecoin" ( To The Moon ) :-)

Advise on Udemy ( wait for the sales )

Then I have a few math, and science, and english classes at

Some as frugal as hell as I have some money and some food and now a

Stock portfolio worth around 490$ ( I am up by a $1 ) and I get $17.65 in dividends every year ( as long as I hold my income producing children ) and assist them in growth by adding to the Fund a little each month

I have been hustling with 57 auctions running at this moment as the goal is 10 a day ( listed ) as I am downsizing and investing the proceed as I want as many servants ( stocks / shares ) earning me income by the time I reach 65 in 1731 days my goal is as much passive income as possible -- the monetary goal is to multiple what i am getting now by a many, many fold as I did some math and

When ( not if ) I own 36,000 shares of Company X or Y or Z and they pay from 2.5% to 7.5% dividends this will bring in more than I need as this is where this blog will transitions to from my rants to something that

Brings "YOU" Value for your precious time that you take to read my writings this will also be some postings on books I have read and if you want books that you suggest

One of the APP's of my phone is called ---------- UPTIME -------- and is breaks books, courses down to 5 minutes- knowledge hacks and right now till the end of May 31 / 2021 they are selling "Founder" memberships at $16.99 per year ( I did the math it is $1.42 a month ) and it renews at $16.99 forever ( or until you cancel ) after May 31 / 2021 it ( the price ) rises to $16.99 / month so now is the time its at

So check it out as I am going to really work hard to provide you with a lot more value than I think I have in my past messages

have a brilliant day

Lucien aka The Mad Hatter

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