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December 11, 2021:~ This Is The DONATION = Limited Edition NFT IAM Going To Drop In 2022 For Ur Help

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

There is a few items I need for my Magical Journey from Homeless To The Mad Hatter Experience, in a short 8 years ( we can change our lives with ) a simple system of

( * DECISION * )

This Limited Edition NFT is going to be limited to 15 NFTS and that is all that there EVERY will be. On The Mad Hatter Collection I have Minted a few as i began my adventure into the Digital World plus I have a couple that I invested in a few months ago --- Anything that you can donate would be fantastic as I have a few thing that have now needed like pants after a weird weight gain that came out of nowhere as I gained 31.8 Pounds between June 26, 2021 at 172 # and went to 205.3 pounds by December 3, 2021 = 5 months & 7 days and / or 160 days

I screwed up with this weight gain and I take totally responsibility on this as I got

1) Lazy due to the pain that I have not been able to fulfill the rules of The Mad Hatter Experience as I promised GOD / Jesus that I would serve Humanity as a man that could walk 9 to 16 Km a day

Now I am blessed if I can do 2 Km a day and if I attempt to even do this every day I experience massive pain for day on end

2) the diet that I messed up and have been struggling to get the food that I once was allowed to afford -- it for some reason seems all the shit foods we " are allowed " to spend the hard worked for money

I have attempted to do this and it is really hard when you / I am attempting to eat alone as cooking for one is damn hard as there is most times lots of extras ( and the they end up in the refrigerator as MOLD GROWING specimens --- and it looks cool ( sorta ) but I am not truly a fan of left overs

3) the world that I am " allowed " to live in at this point as a Character from a place that is not of the world that sort of as Who walks around as the Mad Hatter ( Experience ) -- and has a GIFT or so it SEEMS to be that I have a little understanding into the EXPERIENCE as I have been in a SYSTEM ( Mental Health Challenge Systems ) as the Journey that I have been given a passport to go through in the days before the day of now

As I began The Mad Hatter Experience along time ago it now seems as the world I created The Mad Hatter Experience seems gone maybe forever as it was a way different space in the world when I hit that buy button on September 12, 2017 and te first MHE Hat ws on its way to the Penthouse of The Character I had in my head and would create, and design over the next four ( 4 ) years, to get to this point today

Yup it has been that long and that period when I created this idea and exposed the concept to this

This is also my 14th Anniversary of NO LONGER SMOKER---

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