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December 16, 2021: ~ I Am Stressed As A Powerful Girl That I Trust With My Mind & Brain Destroyed Me

This GIRL is / was my Psychiatrist that I have had since I was ALLOWED out of the crazy world that they TRAPPED me in from September 4, 2013 to October 1, 2016 = 37 Months or 3 Years & 1 Month and THEY ( The Establishment ) put me through as much pain and suffering in that period that it will BLOW YOU AWAY when the BOOK appears as this was a TOTAL ABUSE of THEIR POWER directed and intentional at a man whose crime was only calling ( supposedly ) 12 x 911 calls and saying I was going to kill myself to a Social Worker in the Public Library .. and oh I was short $500 on my rent to a man that was the day that began investing $1,000 in a CROWN for me -- and before today I actually hallucinated that I was FREE ( mental patients ) are never free as they are experimented on in anyways the agents of the systems Overlords decide

As I was to discover on the December 15, 2021 as I was scheduled for a session with my doctor who I finally today found out doesn't actually give a shit about ME, I don't have any idea how she controls her other MENTAL PATIENTS --- but on the 15th I was torn to pieces of a viscus lady that al along I thought was a caring Human Being and that actually care about my mental health and today I discovered she is more into the PAYCHECK structure as she has likely been paid a bonus or something to treat me LIKE DIRT under HER BOOTS to see how far I could be PUSHED before I break

Yesterday 15th I BROKE and SHE took pleasure in me crashing as she tore into me for doing LIFE ( it was mine ) WRONG it was always THEIRS as when a Albertan develops a Mental Health Challenge basically becomes ( Property of The System ) -- And as Their Property the System can pretty much do anything they want as no one listens nor cares about HUMANS with a Mental Health Challenge -- [ NO ONE CARES ] anymore as we are treated like the daily TRASH -- a Broken Toy that no one wants anymore and they rarely even attempt to repair a Broken Human Being as I have no VALUE anymore to anyone as when I was dressed as The Mad Hatter Experience everyone smiled, waved, honked -- as I provided value that was great as I made people smile and it didn't cost a single penny as I was a piece of HUMAN TRASH that a whole community was able to point at and laugh, shoot pictures

See Below for more ---->

The above is a Suicide Pod and the Swedish Lawyer that designed this is making the plans available online for free--- I am leaning towards this

And my life is pretty much over as the Mental Health System abused me since 1983 -- 2021 which is 38 years in years -- that is most of my life and for some people it is longer than they have even been alive

I was abused in so many ways that the FACT that I even am here in 2021 is MIND BLOWING as when 2013 hit I was made to get SOBER by a couple of the City of Edmonton Police Officers who pretty much SAVED my life it was February 15, 2013 @ 930 am when they pounded on the door of the best place I had up until that point and I know the one Officer went to the main shelf and Officer number 2 came right at me and tore into me saying WORDS and I was not understanding anything that is coming out of the Officer mouth and they it slowed down enough and I heard " You threatened to punch you psychiatrist in the head over the phone to his receptionist " wow as I had no " memory " ( none ) of saying this and in rapid processing modality I began wondering what else I

And those few words got me SOBER and it was a very long time ago it was on Earth Time 8 years 10 months and 1 day

And they say words are powerful --- these Police Officers were trained in Program Technology of the MIND like NLP = Neruo Linguistic Programming ( which I was allowed to study since around 1986 when I was given one of John Grinders & Richard Bandlers incredible session book ( there were 6 from that period, and I am very Blessed as they still are in my collection from then )

I was torn to shreds on the 15th of December as she showed me a sign of a HUMAN BEING that I have seen before but never in my Psychiatrist as she treated me like a PET ROCK that was in her way and she just kept kicking me / it ---she always wears her black knee high boots at the office ( which I have not been invited back to for almost 2 years )

My Doctor of MY MIND hurt me so very much today as I generally get a 30 minute session every 30 to 45 days apart and most times she is late so I just waited for the phone to ring as she was at her personal residence my session was for 1230 pm and I waited as this has been a very long wait

The Mental Health Care System is loaded with a bunch of BULLIES now as this started to show it is

I finally received the call at 1241 pm ( 11 minutes late ) and today I attempted to " call her on " my " Lost Time for es

IAM only a damn ( ANIMAL ) and EXPERIMENTAL ANIMAL -- and I have no rights anymore as thi is HOW I lost a mouth full of teeth in a 45 minute session ( with ZERO FREEZING ) and I can no longer eat 1/2 of the FOODS that YOU can eat ( this is a punishment daily and this will be a punishment until the day I die ) and this is ALL MY FAULT as even though I was stoned on pretty much every chemical that the Group Home / Prison Camp Psychiatrist could put me on to CONTROL me ( even though they had the wrong illness again -- and this is a thing that always occurs as there is NOT one TEST anywhere on Earth that has a Mental Health Challenge that has been that people can be tested for as this shit works on observations -- at $2000 to $3000 a day / night and Mental Health is ALL EXPERIMENTAL all of it and it I guess depends on which RX ( prescriptions ) are decided upon by the last Drug Representative as why trust anything but a Drug Rep paid for by BIG PHARMA and they know what drugs world

I have been a good citizen of my Province and City however it now seems that I always have to PROVE I am worthy of living in the CITY -- I have to very hard and work even now as I can no longer even WALK as I did 3 to 4 years ago as

I am it feels being TESTED 24 / 7 / 365 for everything as you all made me into a role model for

1) weeds ( stopped over a year ago July 27, 2020 smoked 2 joints one night when the pain in my body was out of control ) and I was at my wits ends

2) cigarettes - 14 years

3) Booze as on Feb 15 will be 9 years

4) Opiates -- I went from using for 25 years ( fully supplied by two doctors on my physical and mental side doctors ) I was allowed to stop after I struggled from April 16, 2020 to November 9, 2010 to get clean when I decided to stop and I had ZERO and I mean ZERO HELP from my two doctors that were allowing this to occur as I was a Mental Patient and if I Died well that was NO BIG deal as there was / is always another Human Being ( and these are actual HUMAN BEING not robots )

BUt then the decided to cut my body open ( fun and games and it would seem like a sport to the Mental Health and Addictions Department ) as I was OWNED & STILL AM it sure as hell not a free man that has to SUBMIT to be turned into a Opiate Addict again as after I was cut open for a wound that they OPENED Up Over and Over this time as a HEART image that they cut the shape of my wound into ( Fun & Games & Laughter ) at a HUMAN BEINGS SUFFERING

That was on a December 31, 2018 ( News years EVE ) and after being CUT OPEN in a HEART SHAPED WOUND I was sent home as I asked why and what she found and HER response was ( I have never seen anything like it before ) -- NOPE she replied as she was a infection and wound specialist and as she created a CUT OUT & OPEN Game and she was Gleeful as she walked by she petted me and stroked my hair ( just like a PUPPY ) and I was then sent home for a NEW YEARS night -- and it hurt--- This was all done with NO FREEZING as I was a MAN and I should suffer for these GIRLS as they ARE DOCTORS dangerous doctors, and I have suffered a bit for all of you

The would get me hooked up again on the OPIATES as the wound was 10X worse now than it was before I was a CUT OPEN & OUT PET and it was still bleeding when the dressing fell off the Police would be sent over for a ( Welfare Check ) on the 2nd and 3rd when I was to be taken to the ER in hospital down the Streets

Took for 2 AM to 2 PM for the ER doc to attempt to HOOK ME UP again on an Opiate and I was NOT doing this as I was told by a Nurse that has showed up 4x in the last few years that you can't mix Opiate with Mental Meds ( so the ER Doc made arrangements so they make an appointment to have me see my Family Doc ) and this would be the END of ME as I as i get to my family doc and she basically says I have NO CHOICE on The Tylenol 3 as my relationship with her was now on the line

I was scared as I had been seeing her for about 5-7 years and I took the script ( RX ) and thus begins my journey to HELL as she My Family Doc knew I had --- OUD = Opiate Use Disorder -- And you should NEVER EVER Hook up and it moved up from the Tylenol 3 to Codiene 30mg and then to now Suboxone ( this has two uses ) one is to assist Heroin Users get clean and stay clean the other is for long term pain management -- she basically in a few months turned me into her

Prize Pet Junkie Toy and she would pretty much make me live by a BCC ( Behavioral Control Contract ) it was only 5-6 pages of what even she wanted me to do, and when I used the Word JUNKIE she would say " we do NOT Use that word in this clinic " so she turns my into a Prize Pet Junkie Toy and they I can't say what she did to me

Then I was to get yet another daily Order Form from my Mental Health Nurse that began by calling it a

SLAVE CONTRACT as that is what it was ---- as I said I have NEVER been FREE and that will NEVER happen as I am SLAVE MATERIAL NOW and NOW I am LOOKING for a Pretty , Smart , Kind, Crazy Girl that LOVES to have as MUCH FUN as Her Prize Pet Junkie Toy Pet, Mad Hatter Experience

Think of all the fun we could have as I have resigned the REST of MY LIFE to just HAVE FUN and Make a Mistress of The Mad Hatter Experience .... Happy

And all this came from the REALITY that THEY DESIGNED for ME -- and MAYBE MANKIND -- who knows

Who WANTS To Play

As I am a Good Puppy ( sometime )

This is what they do to People --- I was Tortured, Chemically Altered, Mentally Abused, Physically Abuse -- I have lost everything ( to gain it back after 37 months) I have been abused I have Trauma or C-PTSD ( or what ever LABEL they DECIDE ON ) this is what THEY do to OLD PEOPLE with A Mental Illness ( that they created ) I have been though Many Types of Hell in MY LIFE TIME

I just want a girl to help me out as I work on My Mission of MHE -Mad Hatter Experience practicing the MHP Philosophy ( Make Happy People )

This is alll that I have --- Not Much as I have been abused and dropped a few times and I am not looking to get JUSTICE as this not my area as GOD looks out a lot for me as I am still a CHILD ( Trapped in Time ) as when I pretty much Quit as I saw the futility of the SCRIPT that so many people get sucked into for so very much of the



Remember the BOOK by Sheldon Kopp ( a Psychologist out of New York somewhere ) -- book is old early 80's I think ( Title is --- Even A Stone Can Be A Teacher ) his stuff is great and another of his BOOKS is --- If you meet the Buddha on the road -- Kill Him -- its about $12 on Amazon ( this last paragraph is by memory / mind / brain ) look Sheldon up good stuff

Hey all of YOU have a great day everyday as this day will never repeat ( memory time ) this is a cool tool

Have a much FUN as possible

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