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December 19, 2021:~ A Piece That I Created When I Was With A Monster Hole In My Tailbone

This was piece # 1 of 3 different pieces that were done around ( this piece is January 11, 2020 ) this was a pretty decent day as it was done at 12 years 1 month of absolutely destroying a cigarette habit that begun in a Mental Hospital in 1987 I stopped on December 11, 2007 and that means December 11, 2021 was 14 years free of one of the worst products ever designed by the Human Species as the number of people that would dies as a direct result of the product is in the hundred of millions and maybe even in the thousands of millions as this damn product never should have have been manufactured as it has NO REDEEMING VALUE to HUMANITY

As for this hobby a great doctor ( I thought ) convinced me to get some crayons and a book and I somewhat overdosed on the " mission " as I dropped $200--$300 on the Collection of Books and Colors --- I finished 3 pieces in this collection and I had zero idea as to what I was gonna do with these pieces at the time

But you know God never takes us to the River without a plan for the fishes we catch and so on June 8, 2021 I was to discover the space on NFT's = Non Fungible Tokens and I decided that I would study the concept and get involved in it as one of my Mentors had been Mentoring me in the space for months before I discovered what he was talking about and then I had a idea to grab a coup of course from both Skillshare and Udemy for a free month of Skillshare click here and enjoy the month on the Mad Hatter Experience & Skillshare who is the sponsor of this crazy day as today is the 25th Anniversary of The Passing of MY Dear Mom who passed after a very long battle with a fucken horrible illness called Multiple Sclerosis and my Mom well she kicked its ass for 18 years in a place that we plant are loved ones as in 1978 I and my kid sister were 15 years old ( my sister ) and I was 17 years old, and while I tried to go every weekend and when I could as this was the hardest shit I had ever done in my screwed up life as I was a witness of my Dear Mother slowly getting worse and worse as she walked in to the place and then it was a cane then a walker and the the chair ( wheelchair ) and then the bed and the to a palliative care unit in another hospital ( this was way the hell out of the way it was so hard to get to the place they warehoused her at I still attempted to go as it was the saddest period of my life as it was fucken just so sad as it got to a place where she had zero idea whom I was and she was fading away as she was skeleton thin and then her suffering was over and she was off to see my dad who passed away some 46 years, and 10 months earlier -- and I became an orphan that day in 1975 as my mom was already sick and we didn't know what was wrong and living in the house was way to hard for her as she was somewhat alone with the Boyfriend that terrorized my little sister and me and it was my sister that the system rescued first as the beatings were fucken horrible and regular no place in the home that I was rasied in was safe for that fucker ( Armand Huglie ) a damn BULLY and Abuser it is weird it was the same day that dad passed that my mother passed --- and I gave up the day my dad passed and then when my mother passed I hit the booze even harder than I ever had, and my use of mariquania also went way up as I didn't care hardly no more as I was at this stage already disabled as a result of a work place injury ( and THE System decided that I was a Rapid Cycling Manic Depressive as they say what ever the FUCK that they WANT and Bipolar was a cash cow for doctors, druggists and BIG PHARMA ) and when I was diagnosed around 1989 it as a Chemical Imbalance and they can change the LABEL any time that they want as THE SYSTEM pretty much owns a patient with a MENTAL HEALTH [ Illness ] I prefer-- Challenges as at least then the patient has a better reason to get out of bed as with the DRUGS & Label and the clown posse Doctors not even looking at REALITY as when that Chemical Imbalance ( LABEL ) was stuck to MY FOREHEAD / and FILE I was doing Opiates

Provided by the Doctors and fully funded by the Government , I was smoking cigarettes and weeds and hashish , I was drinking way lots and the system NEVER ONCE attempted to work on getting me clean as from 1989 to 2006 they would NEVER once recommend a treatment program, and I only got myself clean by MYSELF as my supposed TEAM of Mental Health Professional would begin with adding even more and more Pharmaceutical Chemicals to me and the NeruoChemistry in my Brain as NEVER ONCE was I offered assistance to get off any of the Chemical that we take for granted however they all effect the NeruoCircatry in the brain and mind and this shit would get worse as I was supposed only SENTENCED ( yah it was a FUCKEN Sentence for LIFE for being SICK ) and then they started adding Chemical ( PILLS ) one after another and by the end of year one THEY / THE SYSTEM pretty OWNED ME as I became their SLAVE , TOY and or PET for DECADES and I would end up having to attend this clinic that I was SENTENCED to for JUST ONE year so scared of being without the DRUGS they HOOKED ME ON as THEIR Mental Health Experiment Slave, Toy, or Pet and I would be there until 2006 --THAT was 17 YEARS for NO CRIME only because the FACT that THE SYSTEM I thought was designed to help me with a MENTAL HEALTH CHALLENGE turned me into a PROFIT STREAM for 17 YEARS Insane hey as I was a kid in 1989 @ 28 years old ( okay not really a kid but a HUMAN BEING ) that was MANIPULATED to what ever the Doctors Chose to do with me an 17 Years as a THE DOCTORS PERSONAL EXPERIMENT was fucken HORRIBLE

THE SYSTEM ^& GOVERNMENT OWNED ME and I had NOT COMMITTED a CRIME that should have seen me as a HUMAN BEING forfeit MY LIFE ( the only one I would get, to the Mental Health & Addiction System of Alberta ) shame on all of THEM as THEY are the Doctors we are ( * Trained & Conditioned * ) to TRUST ( well the SYSTEM EXPLOITED ME as THEIR - Slave, Toy, Pet and even worse a living breathing Chemical EXPERIMENT a Guinea Pig in THEIR SYSTEM that THEY REALLY PROFITED FROM almost KILLING ME on Numerous TIMES as some of the drugs that was on as the ordered are not to be MIXED and they simply DIDN'T GIVE A SHIT if I was KILLED as it would be a report and the EXPERIMENT would conclude ( and my life would have the life of a SLAVE to the psychiatrists Industries in Alberta )

GO FIGURE my QUESTION IS " how many more HUMAN BEINGS are being exploited by The Psychiatric Industrial Complex and those with the POWER to DESTROY and KILL as a part of the BIG EXPERIMENT on HUMAN LIVES makes you wonder about this system that we are in where BIG PHARMA supplies the Drugs for THE HUMAN EXPERIMENT where many people PROFIT at the EXPENSE of the people that are being EXPLOITED for The Benefit of The Mental Health Industrial Complex . YOU or Someone YOU know could be the NEXT VICTIM

This is going be a NFT and only 3 will be MINTED and it is going to be for 5 ETH each and 50% going the HEART FOUNDATION in This Province of Alberta place I VERY PROUD to CALL MY HOME


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