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December 19, 2021:~ The World I Gone Strange This Time Then Again I Once Was Strange Too?

You know that I am starting to become a HUMAN PERSON as I have been through the MENTAL world for most if not all of my LIFE ( drama / movie / play ) has been dealing in some way / shape / form in the Mental Health Industrial Complex ( MHIC ) and I have somehow survived some 39 plus years .... on the inside of a Mental Health Industrial Prison Complex ... to hear about the abuses is going to tell you about losses of being seen a Citizen in a First World Country .... where Goodness and Kindness is Preached & Taught

I am about to show some of the Truth and it maybe hard to Read

The survival game once you are brought into the SYSTEM of DESTRUCTION of THE MIND & BODY it is a real test of the patient / client -- as a ( TEST SUBJECT )

This piece of Digital Art / NFT can be yours for 500 WAX = $237.95 USD look for numbers # 14 & # 42 -- Paranormal / NFT

They reside on and if you can support the book about my 4 decades Inside The Prison of The Mind I would be mega grateful

As there are a few tools I need to create and design / write what began because I was a damn frightened and alone kid after my Dad passed away on February 19, 1975 he died very young at 45 years old his Name is Edgar Paul Faciote and when he past away I was " just 14 for a few days " ( 15 ) and I would do what any kid would do when / if his / her father passed away I told my mother the night he passed that I would get a job and work at keeping the family running

What the Hell did I know -- Nothing -- Not a damn thing as being in Grade 8 would not provide a student at that point in History of Canada, Alberta, St. Albert with any SKILLS at all to design how to keep a family of THREE ( 3 ) alive and together in the home that Dad had a part in building

I really knew shit, in fact I had never really WORKED full time and attend school as I would do this for the next one and a half years ... and when i burned out I would take a break from school and that resulted in my education, and you I would become a damn mess in the first few months of my dads passing as there was so much pain that I would never be able to understand even up until just recently

But while I working in the Plastic Business just down the street from the family home my co-workers would introduce me to the marijuana plant and I was hooked as I was able to smoke pretty much where ever the hell I would go -- and the weeds would be a part of my life lets from mid summer August 1, 1975 until March 18, 2006 almost 31 years and at this point I would stop ( when my life would collapse again ) as my Wife was done with me and told me on St Patrick's Day at 9:30 PM that it was and these are / were here worlds " it is over were done -- the marriage is over " and I was stunned as we were together as a couple for pretty close to 7 years and I had no idea where, we were going with all this.

You know the first time that I would see a Psychiatrist would be in 1969 / 1970 when I went through a massive trauma for a incident that my mind had blocked out but I was totally dead inside my life as I was ( like a walking wounded all my life and I saw the first Psychiatrist with my mom & dad ) as we started a very, very long road back to my Humanity as a Human Being,

This was why I left the World of Known and went away for the 37 months as I was seeking the answer to who I actually was in my HEAD and life and when ( THEY ) the people that run our life programs would decide to ( test me on my own ) and this experiment that I am being allowed to be in would being on

October 1, 2016 when i was allowed to take up residence close to little Italy , The Hospital, and The Nursing Home ( Internment Camp ) and close to the home I had when the beginning of my reinvention of Lucien Jean Edgar Faciote II would be allowed to figure out a bit more of who I was actually

It would take a few years of Drug Injections, more pills , a massive HOLE on my Coccyx / tailbone and more doctors and nurses, and medical this and MORE Horror Stories of Abuse, Torture -- Chemical Experiments, Pain and Suffering ( both Mentally & Physically ) I was going to end the game for me so many times as this stuff wears a body, and mind down to nothing as when you see

I somehow through all the LOVE and Kindness throughout my years as The Mad Hatter Experience Edmonton ( 4 Years ) as I changed as much in my mind than I changed physically as on June 22, 2021 and right after my mind finally allowed itself to be safe enough to let the worst TRAUMA appear before me and to be captured by the state that was able to achieve as a result thanks to all the people in my ( Life & World ) I found the trigger that was holding me back for 50 years

The first thing I was able to do when the thought of what happened and what it did to not only me but what it also did to my Mom & Dad and then my kid sister I called my Doctor / My Psychiatrist that pulled me back from the place I was in for all again and again since I was allowed to bring the Faciote name back from a HELL that I could Never process as the mind protects ( the user )

I asked her for a therapist and this would only take a brief 22 days ( weekends included) and I would begin Therapy on July 14, 2021 -- I still do NOT get the emotions but my Doctor figured I have PTSD and maybe even C -- PTSD ( C = Complex PTSD ) and I have a lifetime of work ahead of me to figure all of this away and begin to LIVE MY LIFE for the FIRST TIME in My LIFE --- and this shit is so damn HARD to deal with as when it began may have been even earlier than the event that appeared to me that day

Crazy World and a Crazy Life to Live Through to arrive after 4 pretty decent Years of SERVING HUMANITY

` As The City of Edmonton's Mad Hatter Experience -- Project as I went for a 50 year walk and I found myself

This Piece of Art is By Lucien Jean Edgar Faciote II The Mad Hatter Experience of Edmonton Alberta Canada aka The LIGHT --- Lucien in Latin it Means The LIGHT

It is Titled = Lost In Time and Saved By The Love of a Society of Angels, In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

This is the day that my dear mother passed away after a very long illness and suffering in a Nursing Home / Internment Camp for 18 years ( and it was not as it is now as she was taken in in 1978 and would stay until 1996 ) a very long time for her and her family to watch her suffer in pain and finally to succumb to the MS that would claim her life

The above piece will be limited to 5 pieces going to be MINTED at'Z where I have my first few pieces already MINTED and for sale the sale will pay for the MINTING of the Project above

They will sell for 2 ETH = $7,854.85 USD (at this moment ) each with 1/2 going to the MS Society of Canada and the other 1/2 to form a company so when my AISH Benefits are stopped on February 2026 the MINTING will take place as soon as it is possible for me to afford the MINTING costs / fees

If you want to assist with me setting up a Brand New Life and Reality beginning NOW you can send any amount that you can afford via interact at

Thank You in Advance for all YOUR love that YOU ALL HAVE shown me in the last 50 years of me walking what seemed aimlessly amount

the People of This Great Land of Earth as Wow you have given unto me everything I am



Lucien aka THE LIGHT

I am thinking of Dropping / Minting 200 of the above for 0.025 ETH ( price right now = $98.222 USD )

God Bless

And thank YOU ALL for allowing me to get my LIFE BACK as This one I owe you all and I will Serve Humanity until I am Called Home By The Holy Father

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