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December 2, 2021:~ Were Back Doing What We ARE Supposed To Do & IAM HOME ~ Step Inside My Mind :)

Today begins my adventures finally in the Meta-Verse, and I want you all to get aboard as this is what the future has in store for all of us both YOU & Me -- For Me this insanely crazy experiment began around the time I was allowed to get free of the wino wine and alter my life and personal reality in a major way and the fact that there have been some incredibly major sacrifices says I was on the path less traveled from the time before my Mom and my Dad even met as this place has familiar and family everywhere I go IAM HOME -- Glad You Could Stop By

If you like what I " THINK " and if you could hit the Heart and Let Me know, and if you can leave a short comment I would be grateful

Thank You

Well Come On In " The Price was Waved " as I have been doing for the last 4 years of The -

The time to live and a time to play

The Time Is Now

Welcome to the Experience as Perceived through the Eyes of The Mad Hatter Experience, " R U EXPERIENCED Yet? " ( R.U.E.Y. )

Time To Just Do It

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