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December 21, 2021:~ How I Spent MY Life, This Is The Way YOU ALL Treated Me `

I once was a kid, 9 to 10 years old a decent student in my school assignments as I was a damn straight " A " student it was 1969 - 70 I think I was in grade 5 at Albert Lacombe Elementary School and --- Then I was a VICTIM ( of RAPE ) by a Person the Whole Community TRUSTED -- and I shut everything DOWN mentally for 50 years until 2021 and I was 60 years old plus and I was able to see why my life took the paths it did

The weirdg thing is that I am still even alive as this whole life I have had has been pretty much shit and it was designed this way be the SOR ( Structure Of Reality ) that manipulated every aspect of my life since that date -- and I would then need to confront BULLIES at this level and the parents of the BULLIES when they would appear around this community as it was a very small town I was raised up in as all this was going down during

Yesterday [ Monday ] my millionaire lawyer friend that has been causing me stress all along the way sent a person that he has a worker to buy me as much crap food ( hint SUGAR laden processed crap ) after I told him multiple times that I no longer can get into any of my Jeans as a result of the not being able to no longer afford a decent diet as on June 26 ,2021 I was 172 # and yesterday it was 205.4 # a gain of 33.4 # and the gift of food was a nice idea but he KNEW I WAS having a HEAVY WEIGHT ISSUE and that I no longer had a pair of JEANS or any pants that I could get into but for one pair which has a broken zipper

I can not walk much anymore as the PAIN that I am experiencing has been out of this world and my damn medical team doc is to freaked out to put his hands on or do the stethoscope on my chest or back when i was experiencing severe chest pains PROVING


BEST PART THE --- HUMILIATING PICTURE receiving the gift of FOOD as IF YOU WANT TO EAT WE GET TO HUMILIATE YOU see where is this picture going as I have had hundreds of pictures take in the last 4 years but none as HUMILIATING as this one

I was so tired last that I didn't have the energy to go through the bags

Friends ( weird word ) as all the people around me want me to FAIL ( Just so they can say -- TOLD YOU )

The people who laughed at with ( I was thinking ) were actually laughing at -- ME

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