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December 25, 2021:~ The Last Post From The Mad Hatter Experience aka Lucien THE LIGHT

I cry blood for the HUMAN RACE as they have branched off from simply destroying my life to creating a event that so far has fucked the PEOPLE that were the FUEL CELLS the FUCKEN SLAVES, ( don't worry I was you too once upon a time ) till I was falsely accused of being Chemically Imbalanced as The Solicitor General a Man whom my Father and him were at WAR in the late 60's to early 70's decided to take me on as the man was in one of the most powerful positions in our province and he used that power to take me on and attempt to destroy me as I was a kid and he was Alberta's TOP COP -- I was SENTENCED to 1 year at FACS = Forensic Assessment Community Service and they got me so FUCKED UP in that YEAR that freedom disappeared totally and my 1 year turned into 13 and what ever Chemicals was HOT that month as I was TOTALLY SCREWED over for that period as the 13 years ended as my marriage ended at the same time March 17, 2006 was end game for the marrage and I would stop weeds the next day and I would be clean until 2020 when I had a HOLE in my BODY messed with as it was hurting pretty bad from October 15, 2018 and then on New Years EVE they brought in a CUTTER and she CUT it OPEN and SHAPED it into A HEART

I would STOP on July 27, 2020 when a wealthy man said that he would help me if I could stop and stay clean ( forever ) well a few months ago I slipped and smoked a couple of Joints x 2 and he refuses to accept that I just slipped as he thinks addicts are not allowed to SCREW UP -- I stopped right away after slipping ( but he thinks I need to be a Jesus Christ ) model as he has no idea as to what I have gone through NONE ( doesn't much care ) as he has MONEY ( and that means POWER ) -- so he is always right and I am always wrong

I need to know if want me to LEVEL UP and work on GETTING this damn PLAUGE Bullshit resolved

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