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December 25, 2021:~ Today I Sell Myself To A Girl As I AM Very, Very Lonely And I Am Saying Forever

This day ( * Christmas * ) brings up so many emotions as I am all over in my mind trying to remember the last Christmas I had with ACTUAL Family it was in 1971 as my mom started have failing and I was scared as I was the kid that liked his parents

Lonely I feel so Lonely as We Humans are A Weird People --- Today I as a Sanest Man I was am USING a Project I began after my Marriage ( and life ) EXPLODED on me on March 17, 2006, when My Wonderful Wife said it was Over as I called the Police on Her Boyfriend

I said this was a story I actually was not looking forward to getting into this with humans but as I died again today as I am that one that people look at as I have no fucken idea as to was ---

I am going to get to the point that I am full out as the opportunites I see right now are incredible and as i know what Girls want in the physical world I will bust myt ass to pull this off for you my LOVE

This above is going to be minted as 1 / 1 at its sale price is 100 ETH


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