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December 26, 2021:~ This Is A Look At A Time In History That Started WW-3 And We All Were Invited IN

Humanity - / - Humans we have been dragged into the most divisive period in humanity as THEY ( SOR ) have turned us against each other --- The VAXXED vs UNVAXXED and now people that are fully VAXXED are getting " The COVID " on ships where everyone was clean before boarding the ship

1969 / 70 --- I was Raped by A Priest at the Family Church in a small town in St Albert and this destroyed my dad, my mom, as mom got sick and dad moved out died a few years later sending my life into more and more chaos as then my mom got a boyfriend and he was busy working on getting rid of my lil' sister and me and this was done very fast as this monster would damn near put me in the hospital and then the province stepped in and removed my lil' sister from the home, that was the end of anything normal that I would ever know in my life and world -- I fell into the booze, and weeds and by the time the house was sold in September 1978 i was dealing and I ended up in a Motel half way between everything I knew in St Albert and a whole lot of unknown in the Big City of Edmonton then the best thing looking back ever as I received a visitor that at the time I did NOT want at all in the form of the RCMP and I was pretty much given a choice either I moved to the city or I went to jail

I took the city October 1978 and the rest is history

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