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December 27, 2021:~ How Do YOU Feel After Almost 2 Years Of COVID -- Frustrated Right

Well I was frustrated, in 1987 when the WCB cut my Physical Health Injury ( Low Back ) Claim off saying I was Psychologically Unfit to Work Ever Again and therefore I was denied the claim, and when I brought up the FACT that ( * THEY * ) Used Broken Medical Traction Unit to injure me more I was told I was " CRAZY " well having no choice I started FIGHTING for my very life

How long do you think under 24 / 7 / 6 months of ISOLATION do you actually think it takes to create a MENTAL ILLNESS and the STRESS of a AHE UNIT Called 9 B South Pretty much broke me, as I was forced nightly to endure a ICE COLD BATH in front of the staff of their choice, I was locked in a dark room injected with Haldol over and over again and again I had my bedding ( when I was asleep ) set on fire

I had my ability to handle my own money stripped away from me and handed over to the Public Trustee a Leslie Hill ( Male ) who forgot ( on purpose ) to not pay my phone bill and had the service turned off, and I was given a large white pill that I was NOT EVER TOLD what IT WAS and sent home to pretty much die ( a weekend pass ) and I took the pill and started to hallucinate ( this had never happened to me ever without LSD or Magic Mushrooms which I had only 2x each in my life ( and still haven't since I was around 16 years old )

Well I am tripping at my place and I start thinking that people are now watching me die and so I say ( OK watch me die then ) and take 300 plus pills that were in the fruit bowl that I gave my about 1973 --1974 and I pass out on the floor and I was found 4 days later when a friend ( that I have never seen since ) came by to help me tidy the place

He had to run around te entire building, up and down the street and into the next block to find a phone to call 911 and I was then taken to a Hospital The Misercordia and I was in a COMA for about 18 days in ICU for 65 and then I was transferred to the surgery unit where I was retrained to walk again as I had lost my ability to walk as a result of the ICU as when I came to in the ICU I imagines I was kidnapped by Aliens as all that was in the room was machines keeping me alive

Then it was off to the Psychiatry and a long stay as I would never escape again as the Mentally ILL Label that my Claims adjudicator ( a insurance guy not a health guy ) would come to pass as I was after being programmed in AHE that I had a mental illness I got one ( funny how it showed up )

But back to the therapy at t WCB REHAB pace I claimed I was placed on a BROKEN TRACTION UNIT which this damn insurance organization denied as like what the hell I was right

Well as a result of my personal sacrifice a --- PUBLIC inquiry was called and 14 pieces of broken medical equipment was found out about and the Minister Mr Jim Denning shut the REHAB center down totally and everyone was laid off ( or fired ) I was not told but when it was closed where did they work , the CEO and the Executives where also dismissed ( and so I created many people that could be seen as against me as I was on this instance a damn 1 man wrecking crew ( I was never given anything for the suffering and pain I would endure for the rest of my life ) that was NOT the point of why I did this as I did it because

IT was the right thing to DO and it saved many ( how many we will never know ) Alberta Injured Workers from the torture I endured and I did something for you all time was 1987 and I was already working to MAKE A BETTER WORLD and I was 26 years old

I have to end here as I am in pain for sitting on the wrong chair place to write as long as I have as I have no chair ( and I really need a chair at my desk )

I was hoping for a Gaming Chair as they are comfy as this was something I was hoping for Christmas ( I was given food & boots ) and that was incredible

The Year before I received shit / zero as I was a prisoner of my Doctors Resident in the Royal Alex Hospital Covid unit and I had no symptoms I was healthy but the Resident and I believes my former doc wanted to punish me and I was about to have the STICK jabbed into my BRAIN 3 x in 6 days ( and I had it 9 x between March 16, 2020 and December 25, 2020 ) but I have not had it even 1x under my new doctor who is less of a sadist as Dr Gineta wanted to punish me as much as she could as she knew I had NO VOICE as she was the Dr and I was shit scared of crossing her as I was punished by here for years and she used all types of punishments on me, like I had to see her weekly just so she could make me BEG and CRY for my meds and her to give me stickers if I was a GOOD BOY ( she treated me like a child ) Like a Dog that Pavlov would experiment on ( but with stickers ) fucken bitch

That is their job against e ti cause as much pain to me as possible

I no longer trust the system, nor DOCTORS ( who are paid by the very system that paid for and organized my suffering and pain all these years ) 1985 --2021 = 36 Years

Now it is your turn for the BIGS to screw with the system YOU needs

By December 27, 2020 I was BROKEN and only YOU ALL AND THE HISTORY I LEAVE BEHIND will show the truth to mankind ( I tried to only make YOUR world a BETTER PLACE for ALL OF HUMANITY

AS THIS WAS MY MISSION here on EARTH for 60 + years

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