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December 27, 2021:~ This System Is Seriously, SCREWED And The People Are Getting FUCKED OVER

How does it feel as this shit for me has been going on for my entire LIFE and how does you all feel now as I never thought I would ever in my life see an event where all the society that punished me was punished ( I guess this could be called A MASS KARMA MIRROR ) as this society knows

exactly what it did unto me for the last 39 years with experimental medications after next for always searching ( or using money to enrich the GODS @ BIG PHARMA and the Doctors that were funded by the people and BIG PHARMA ) I was never allowed a simple vacation and I was pretty much forced to take any and all treatments that the DOCTOR's pushed at me as I was raised in the 60's to that fact we need to trust the Doctors, Priests - The Government ( and we all did fucken stupid looking back at it now )

So this Adventure is the Payback and a Big Fucken Global Dose of Payback and, Humanity is the target or so it seems ( KARMA ) is the COST of what your SOCIETY did to ME ~

I have had very little support from this world while I suffered all these years and I today am now saying GoodBYE as I am Going to get ready to DIE as the FACT is the LIGHT NEVER goes out and I will be here long after my body is gone as the to heavens and today

This is not over yet

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